No “70 woot! ding!!!”. No ding. But not nothing. Suffering from altism perhaps? But lucky nonetheless.

Well, a week after installing The Burning Crusade, and two weeks after it’s release, I’m pleased to say not one character has dinged 70.

Well, hell, not one character has dinged 61 even.

Have I been in a coma, stricken down in some bizarre keyboarding accident, the more concerned among you might ask? No. Thanks for asking though.

Have I stopped playing? Hardly. Four plus hours a night doesn’t qualify as “stopped playing” by any stretch of the imagination.

Well, what the fruk have I been doing? And why aren’t I 61 yet??!

Well, each of my 3 60’s is currently holed up in Inns in Hellfire Peninsula. Arcarius over in Honor Hold, and Msaker and Blackhoof in Thrallmar.

Arcarius is furthest along. He’s about 85% of the way to 61. Questing has been easy enough with him. The Unyielding Cavalry guys were the most annoying mobs. The cat would attack them, and they’d charge me (WTF! DO YOUR JOB CAT!) and they’d be too close to use my crossbow, and I’d back off, and they’d charge me again, all the while fighting the cat. So I learned there is a fine point where I can just stand out at firing range and they won’t charge me. I was surprised to see how easy those Maghar Orcs were. I was worried about getting more than one at a time, but they go down very quickly. The Hunter types, with the Ravager pets, were harder than the pairs of guards. I’ve probably got the name of the Orcs wrong, but, questing later on the Horde side, I believe these Maghar Orcs are the “good guys” on Thrall’s side. I’ve noticed it’s become much tougher to level up skinning, even on an orange level job. Thanks, Blizzard, for artificially extending the game for me. What took one skinning to level up one point in skinning, now takes twenty. And I’ve got to get me a Warp Stalker (white dragon thingy) soon!

Msaker remains at the Inn. Droonda hasn’t been around, so he’s being the faithful hubby and waiting for her to return to action. Meanwhile he’s drinking grog and playing solitaire in the inn’s pub.

Blackhoof is getting into the game now too. Night before last, or so, he started in the Outlands and started working on some of the quests. Enhancement Shaman isn’t too bad. Isn’t too good, but isn’t too bad. Last night he was joined by Nachmahd (who is more Resto, less Enhancement) and the duo shined. And being mostly Enhancement Blackhoof out DPS’d Nachmahd, but that’s stands to reason. Blackhoof stands at 50% the way to 61, so Msaker must surely have gotten past that by now.

But none of these are 61 now. What else have I been doing? Feeding my altism problem.

If you take a gander at my characters list over to the left here, you’ll see my problem.

I’ve played my Blood Elf Mage a bit, my Draenei Shaman a bit less, and created a new Draenei Huntress (my 2nd only female toon – she’s another “concept” like Darbanville was.). I’ve also played by Blood Elf Paladin a little. And I’ve created a Blood Elf Hunter, and a Draenei Paladin.

And Freewind is 85% of the way to his mount. And Darkhand is nearly 50, and that’s where leveling speed picks up again.

My problem is I’m enjoying playing this game at every level still. But maybe “problem” is the wrong word.

Perhaps I should better say “I’m lucky to enjoy playing this game at every level still.”

Woot. No ding, but not nothing.


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  1. Hexapuma says:

    hehe I have the same “trouble”… There is simply too much goodness to focus on one character alone..

  2. Excaliber1 says:

    you have a MASS LOAD of alts, I have no clue how you level them all 🙂 as long as you find switching from level 60 to 10 to 1 to 25 to 50 to 12 fun more power to you; though I wish i didnt get bored playing my alts =(

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