Le content est mort. Viva la content.

I’m still happy with all the new content. And I’m still enjoying it.

Halcyon absolutely loves Sunstrider Isle. The trees, their foliage, the manicured grass, the glory of Silvermoon City. She could live there. I can’t place the real world location for this. Lower Northern California perhaps? Except the trees are fantastical. They’re like Birch trees. The whole place is like a manicured garden. I say California because of the sunshine and the sense that the temperature is perfect. Sunstriker is level 12 now, and she’s level 11. And we’ve done all the quests up in Sunstrider and are just about to enter the Ghostlands to aid a sickened Blood Elf being tended by a Forsaken woman.

Exilarch and Zimraphel are on a bit of a pause. We’ll get back to them shortly though. The Azuremyst Isle reminds me a lot of upper Northern California. The gray granite and the pine trees, and the ocean as well. The sun just doesn’t feel as bright as on Sunstrider, things are shadier and cooler, though the sunset/sunrise at the Murloc beach feels great.

So far all three 60’s are in Hellfire Peninsula doing quests. Arcarius has picked up a nice crossbow. I now wish I’d not bought that last gun at the AH for 50g, and only bought so to avoid the hours and hours, and hours and hours, of honor grinding in the battlegrounds for the Grandmarshals gun. And here one of the first quest rewards was a better ranged weapon. Msaker has quested some with Droonda and Nachmahd. Arcarius, soloist, has probably done more quests alone and is 3/4 of the way to 61. Blackhoof, he’s just putzing around. I think becoming familiar with some of the common quests as Arcarius, Msaker and Droonda, and Blackhoof, will have an easier go at things.

Our Dark Ministry Guild Master is level 69 now. And a few others in the guild. Me, I have too much fun just messing around.

And I really wish I had just one more slot to roll a Blood Elf Hunter on Kirin Tor as well. I need some soloing goodness on the Horde side in my stable of characters.

Blizzard: Give me an 11th slot!

I hope the buzz isn’t lost too quickly when my level 20 Draenei and Blood Elf characters hit the same old grind outside of their new lands.

P.S. What’s up with that massive wall in Tor’Watha? I’ve heard folks speculating about a low level instance possible in the future here? A few more low level instances would be cool. Give the Blood Elves their Wailing Caverns (“I am the Serpent King, I can do anything!”) and give the Draenei their Dead Mines (“Van Cleef pay big for your heads!”). Sure, we could do those old instances, but how about some personalized love for the new races. An Amani Troll instance for the Blood Elves, and a Blood Elf instance for the Draenei. (Here’s a thought: An instance, inside/under the Exodar, ala Rage Fire Chasm, where the Draenei must clear out Blood Elves intent on undermining/destroying/stealing it.)

P.P.S. That’s a terrific idea no? Can I have an 11th slot for thinking of it? Please?


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  1. Excaliber1 says:

    Love the idea! 🙂 maybe blizz will see your request and make some new lower level instances AND give you a personal 11th slot 😉

  2. Anonymous says:

    Far as I’m concerned, “Deathmole” (Spelling intentional) *is* that low-level BE instance, they just forgot the elites and funny portal shimmery thing on the doorway… 🙂

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