Second impression of the Expansion. I love it.

Firstly, reports that the current level 58-60 end-game dungeons are dead is true. There is no need to run any of them. Blizzard, with one expansion, and no updates to these dungeons, effectively cut them from the game. Oh, sure, some level 70’s will five-man Ragnaros someday, but as a furnace to be forged in, the Molten Core has done gone cold. The natural leveling progression will find level 58’s bypassing Strat, Scholomance, Blackrock Spire, and going straight into the Outlands. I know I will.

Hellfire Peninsula is cool, but the mushroom swamps beyond it cooler, and Shattrath City and environs, cooler still.

I love it.

Msaker rode with Nachmahd to Shattrath from Thrallmar, checked into the Inn there with permanent rooms, and then hopped into a portal back to Orgrimmar. To support Sunstriker’s jewelsmithing, he rode out and up the red sands of Durotar, through the brown plains of The Barrens, north into Ashenvale, through there and then north up Darkshore along the mountains, farming copper and rough stone the entire way. Hearthed back to Shattrath, found a forge, smelted the copper bars, and mailed it all to Sunstriker. Then he hopped a bat (Draenei windrider master!!!) back to Thrallmar where a slumbering Droonda awaited him.


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  2. Keystone says:

    I agree that the zones get much better as you progress through them. I love the bridges in the swamp because I get to hear my cat gallop, strange… I know! ^^

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