Left Behind, part II.

My Alliance guild has decided to move to the greener pastures of a new server, Farstriders. We can’t move with them because we’d lose the synergy with our Horde characters who are in a very competent guild and among some good people.

Will the two new Dragonhawk Hatchling pets, for Msaker and Droonda, sent by Nachtschatte, our friends new Blood Elf Rogue, make up for it?

It feels very odd to be guildless. It’s good to be part of something. Otherwise you’re just … Kinless.

P.S. On the plus side, my wife’s characters lose the “pasties” that have been part of the guild tabard. (I.e. see above. Amusing for the first time you notice, and then it’s just a smile with Janet Jackson winking at you. I guess it’s a crescent moon, on it’s back, with stars. Hmm, very Hollywood I guess.)


About Kinless

Gamer. Engineer. Lived lots of places.
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  1. DM Osbon says:

    Don’t feel strange without a guild…i think that maybe without one you can become a real hero…take a look over at my first BC post, if you are wondering what I on about…


  2. ZotteStef says:

    I hear you. Just started on a fresh server myself. No guild, no-one I know besides my brother who moved with me 🙂
    You’ll make it!

  3. Gitr says:

    It really takes away from the chatter and stuff, but it can be lonely to be guildless. It really makes it seem more like a game than an addiction, if anyone wanted to ease up without deleting toons.

    At least you still have your wife to run with.

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