Left behind.

What’s my experience been since Tuesday, and the opening of the portal?

Hmmm. It’s always pretty quiet. Playing European hours on a Central Time Zone server I never see crowds. I know the crowds exist because last week I was in Atlanta, and places got busy.

Last night Msaker farmed some Mageweave, for Darbanville’s tailoring for disenchanting, off the Harpies in North Feralas. Got 5 stacks in under an hour, farming alongside a 49 Nelf Hunter which probably hurt the mageweave drop rate for me. Didn’t see anyone else up there.

Afterwards, Darbanville, Zauber, and Nachweis did some questing in 1000 Needles. We were the only 3 there. Nachweis is our friend here in Germany, so our timezone.

Darbanville and Zauber went into the Shimmering Flats and ground on some basilisks and vultures and, you guessed it, we were the only ones there.

Later, in search of a tailoring pattern for Darbanville, Blackhoof flew up to Winterspring. He saw a Paladin in Everlook wearing the quest reward shield from the Outlands, and then later a 60 warrior who appeared not to have crossed over yet either.

Our guild was entirely in the Outlands except us, and the new Blood Elves in the Ghostlands. Nachweis does have the expansion already, Nachmahd sent some food from the Outlands to Msaker, but he’s decided, other than reaching Shattrach City, to hold off until we can join him.

It’s been quiet. Nice thing though is NOT having the Auction House in the Outlands. Players are forced back to Azeroth to do business. I suppose they could just employ bank-alts, but what a waste of a slot! 🙂 So Msaker and Blackhoof visit the AH and dream of tomorrow.


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  1. Lassirra says:

    Hey there! Just stopped by to check for updates, and noticed you added my blog to your links list. Thanks a bunch of the link exchange! I always have a lot of fun reading your blog, so I have to admit, I feel a little honored having received a link back. You made my day, lol! 🙂

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