Looking for trouble, in all the right places.

Itarilde and Freewind, that’s the wife and I, and the couple featured on the right in the graphic above, were looking to do a few quests. Not many left at this level (high 30’s). Didn’t want to visit the jungle. Planned to work on Ogres in Arathi Highlands. Saw we still had to get a Tome out of the Alterac Ruins. “They’re Ogres, so let’s go!”

Level 35-40 Elite Ogres. She, 39 Druid, and I, 38 Warrior. Woot. We took the Ogres one at a time and it was a piece of cake. And even if we got an add, we handled that too. Just root the melee type and we melt the 2nd, then kill the first. We’d finish fights with two with half her mana left, and all our health. She’s quite the healer being Resto specced. The level 40 Elite guarding the bookcase with the tome, he fell easily as well.

I didn’t think it’d be this easy. And it was fun. I love how I never get the chance to forget that with this game.

TBC, when it arrives in the mail from EB/Gamespot will hold 1) destinations for Arcarius, Blackhoof, Msaker, and Droonda to venture into, 2) Blood Elf Paladin (she) and Mage (me), 3) Draenei Priest (she) and Shaman (me), 4) dreams of Flight for Itarilde and Greenclaw, and 5) a Netherdragon Whelp for her.


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  1. Gitr says:

    I took Gitr to Blasted Lands last night to buy his Nethergarde Bitter for his first TBC quest after work today. He’s standing at the portal ready to just run in.

  2. Kinless says:

    Nethergarde Bitter you say? Hmm. Something to check out. Thanks.

  3. Lassirra says:

    Man, aren’t those ogres great? I often go there just to farm some cash on easy mobs. Hell, I leveled up my crossbow skill (from 150-300) after I picked up the AV PvP quest crossbow. It’s so fun to just run circles around those ogres, and they spawn just quick enough where I can run around there for hours if I felt like it, without having to wait around for more of them to show up. Good stuff! 🙂

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