Three raids.

Arcarius, after pvp’ing his butt off in the battlegrounds traded all that work in for a set of epic shoulders. Nice and glowy. Bought a Crystal Slugthrower in the Auction House and so will get a few more armor pieces before grinding his way to a High Warlord’s bow. And both pets, Bluntobject and Nevius are level 60 now.

And since I was in Atlanta this last week I had the opportunity to raid with both guilds. Arcarius joined the Kirin Tor Alliance as a member of Nightsong Moon as they raided Zul’Gurub for two nights. Bat and Snake boss downed. And Blackhoof came out of his semi-retirement to heal in a Dark Ministry raid on UBRS. Through to the end we had two deaths, total, that raid. These are good players.

And the wife’s Warlock, Zauber, got his gold thread robes so that was a mission accomplished as well.

And all 3 60’s have the Tabard from the event at the Dark Portal.


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  1. igoldc says:

    Nice blog! A cool player !

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