Every game in AB is the same.

I sign up for the first available. 8 times out of 10 I join something in progress, and always, ALWAYS, Horde control 4 resources and Alliance is struggling to hold on to the stables. I can’t tell you how often I join a game in that state.

It’s amazing that 15 Horde can 1) manage to take and hold four resources, and 2) still mount a MASSIVE assault on the stables. It’s even more amazing that Tauren Warriors and Orc and Forsaken ‘locks and Rogues look so awesome and our Nelfs and Gnomes are … where the hell is everyone? We’re all dead. Looking pretty with our shiney armors and stuff.

It’s massively sad.

And on games where I do start with a locked gate, Alliance will take the stables, head for the mines, a smattering will head for the lumbermill and nobody goes to the blacksmith.

Do I have such an incredible influence on events? I mean when I play my Horde, the Horde are the village idiots and the Alliance the rampaging heroes. Can I, little ol’ me, make such a difference? It certainly seems to be so.

On the plus side I only have 7 more AB’s to go, i.e 7 more AB Marks, and I’m done with the place. That’ll get me the 70 Marks I need for all the armor pieces.

And I guess I’ll keep my level 48 Guttbuster because I’d sooner gouge my eyes out with a spoon than suffer another 40 more losses in AB to get the High Warlord’s gun.


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  1. Lassirra says:

    I’ve had the same frustrations with AB. Although lately the Alliance on my server seems to be getting their act together and actually working as a team. The last four times I’ve been in, I’ve managed to come out with 3 more AB marks (which brings me that much closer to the 180 I’ll need for all the assorted gear I’m hoping to eventually get). I’m a long way from being done with the place, but it’s certainly nice to come out with more than just 1 mark each time.

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