Bada Ding! Sixty. For the third time.
Took Arcarius to the Plaguelands and pushed from 58 to 60. Took two days with some Battlegrounds thrown in.

This was my first ever character. Kinless, on the Argent Dawn server. Suitably, he dinged 60 as Arcarius working on behalf of the Argent Dawn. 21 days /played. Since he was my first he dithered about a bit more than one might care too.

But he’s not Kinless, not anymore, he’s got family. Darkhand is level 46. Greenclaw just the other day hit 40, and joined the mounted ranks. Freewind is at 35 and pushing hard with Itarilde, my wife’s druid who’s at level 36, to both reach 40.
Then there’s the new knock around characters on Steamwheedle Cartel server that are reaching level 10+ now.

And don’t get me started about the expansion and new races *and* new content *and* more levels.

Arcarius dinged in an unlikely place. Saving the last 190 honor to do this turn-in for the Draenei guy in Southshore. Kind of fitting on the eve of venturing into the Outlands.


About Kinless

Gamer. Engineer. Lived lots of places.
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    Oh look – a real response and not some damn gold-bot…

    Glad to see there’s another person out there with at least as many ALTs as I have.

    It’s reassuring – really – 😉

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