How far we’ve gotten.

It’s amazing. I’m not a power player, but my characters are slowly coming along.

Msaker in 5/6 of the PvP set. One piece left to go.

Wasn’t that long ago, was it, that he’d gotten his level 30 Warrior quest armor??

… Yes, a year ago. 28 December of last year. Yowza.


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  1. Excaliber1 says:

    Dont know if you know much about hunters, but specifically speaking, pvp “gear” gives a lot more armor as regular gear. But what is the difference in stats? Is it class difference? like warriors get to buy pvp gear that has more +str/stamina and like priest get specific gear for +healing +int etc?

  2. Kinless says:

    I think Stamina is the big thing for PvP sets.

    I’m looking at the Hunter PvP stuff vs. the Ornate Mail my Hunter is wearing and the Ornate has more Agility, to the point of no Stamina. The PvP set is more balanced, with Agi and Sta.

    The Warrior set is mostly Str and Sta with some Agi.

  3. Excaliber1 says:

    ahh, I see, guess i shuld start savin up to start focusing my marks on pvp gear =) one step at a time hehe i hope they dont have level requirements.

  4. Kinless says:

    I think they do. If I’m remembering right they might be 57-60?

    Because Blizzard hates the mid-game players. You’re end-game and catered to, or beginning and noobishly think all is well.

    I had a dwarf hunter once who racked up enough honor to be Sergeant. Three stripes. He was level 19. (“Twinked” with good +Agi leather gear, and a +Agi weapon. No enchants.) Anyway he was pretty darn proud to have reached Sergeant. Traveling to the Quartermaster he saw he was allowed: Nothing. Sergeant’s Cloak wasn’t available until level 30. I deleted him shortly thereafter. Kind of pointless if the “pvp rank” gear would be level limited, and the rank too if I remember right.

    I think Blizzard could add sets at every level range. Make it the same model, and just alter it somehow. The higher the level, the bigger the spikes, the more massive the pauldrons. Differentiate the plume on the Hunter’s helm, etc.

    If someone wants to play 20-29 for “The greater glory of the Horde!”, then let them, after putting in the time, have a pretty nice set for level 29 by 29.

    No wonder people rush to 60. That’s where the rewards are.

  5. Doeg says:

    Anyone care to share their impressions of PvP after-the-patch?

    I had heard that the pre-patch beta battlegrounds were really quiet.
    Now, on my server and battlegroup, PvP is all the rage. The general chat is about why everyone is getting their PvP shoulders first (duh…)

    Is it really turning out to be “easy epics”, or a honeymoon before reality hits?
    Are the classes in pretty good balance, or way out of balance?

  6. Excaliber1 says:

    my impression on post-patch is “SWEEEET!!” i, well with my respec in all, Ive been getting top 5 in kills and won 3 straight WSG! my blog has more info if you like cause i dont like posting looong comments xD..i havent gotten close enough to get the pvp gear seeing as im only 49 =(

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