Capping. Other cool add-ons. Based on Ace, Orc approved.

I downloaded some new add-ons I found over at Metroblogging Azeroth. One of the contributors, J. Luster, has his own website and has put together a light-weight, small memory footprint, mostly ACE based, add-on compilation that he likes. It’s the new stuff working with WoW 2.0. Advantage of using his site is he’s got it available to download as well. Nice since Curse, WoW Interface, etc., still seem out of commission.

One of those new, for me, add-ons was Cartographer. This replaces MetaMap, AlphaMap, MozzFullWorldMap, Gatherer, MapNotes, and has some cool functionality in the BG’s. The one that I like is that player dots on the map have group #’s on them. I.e. you can see where all of group #3 is for instance. For example, if group 1 should be taking the LM, group 2 the farm, and group 3 the mine, you watch it unfold on the map as the #’s move to their positions. I don’t know, maybe that’s meaningless info, but it’s new for me and I like it.

Another new add-on is Capping. It’s like AV Bars where you got bars showing the countdown of resource, tower, graveyard captures. What is new here is that you get nifty little icons at the front of the bar and it’s got some nice eye dressing. What blew me away however was the AB output. It will calculate, on an ongoing basis, final score based on current scores and current resources held, and countdown to it. This is great because you know how much longer the game could last. Obviously losing resources is going to lengthen the time, but getting them back shortens that. That made being 1 of the 2 defending the LM (successfully thank you very much) bearable. (That and holding off a couple waves of stealth attacks. One was a druid with a VERY COOL looking staff that seemed to have glowing feathers on the top. Like an egyptian palm frond fan or something. I looted him before I got a closer look. Sue me, I’m Orc, something sparkles and I loot it. Was that a Staff of Ateish? (or whatever it’s called.))

I’m using the Bartender3 buttons. They’re nice. As easy to move around as the Bongos one, and are an ACE based add-on. And you can make them shiney. Orcs dig that.

And AFGUnit Frames, or something like that. Again, slick and shiney. Does what Perl Classic does, but spiffy and Ace based.

The cleansing Blizzard forced on us (breaking all our add-ons) is resulting in a newer, faster, sleeker, interface for me. Now I need to get smart on some Macros (like the Warlock’s DOT+DOT+DOT+DOT
+/CRY macro.)

From the front lines:

Five battles in the Valley, losses, and one battle in the Basin, a four cap win, and being a Warrior, 41/5/5 Arms based, 1 pt in Mace Spec (which actually procs) and a TUF (which procs too), I’m feeling pretty confident that we weren’t nerfed. At my level, 60, and with my gear, 4 of the PVP set, 2 of the Valor set, 2 of the Imperial, I think it plays out the same. (To wit, horde loses AV and wins AB.)

Oh yes, PvP gear. Two nights in the Battlegrounds. Nine battles in AV (2 wins (shock and awe!) and 7 losses) and that one win in AB and I think I have enough honor accumulated to get my PvP Champion Shoulders. A definite improvement on my Imperial ones. Now what I’d done before the patch: saved up 20 AV marks, and 18 AB marks. Two nights in the BG, not too many hours, with my AB marks in-hand, and I’ve got a piece of the PVP set. 6,500 more honor, and my AV marks, and I’ll get the Champion Helm. 6 piece PvP + 2 piece Valor.

I’m thinking a longer play session, for me, will net me 2,000 honor. 22,500 honor for a High Warlord weapon, and you’ll easily get the marks you need getting there, is only 10-12 days playing time. DEFINITELY an improvement for those wanting this kind of gear.


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  1. Ric says:

    Thanks for the link. I followed it over and pulled down the file. Liking it much so far. My daughter got it yesterday after she saw my screen. My son looked a little envious, too. Probably going to help him get the same kit soon, I bet.

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