Oh, boy o boy! Tuesday is Patch Day! Yay!

Tuesday = Replace ALL my add-ons day. They’re all broken! Dag. I HATE WHEN THAT HAPPENS! Well, there was a period there when every patch broke things. Nothing new. And the sites were absolutely SLAMMED! SLAMMED silly and out of commission. So I’ve been stocking up on some favorites. I’ve got them in the add-on subdirectory of the WoWtest directory. So, tomorrow night after the patching is done, and when the healer’s tears start flowing, I’ll delete my WTF files (WTF indeed) and all my add-on files and drag the add-ons in the test directory over. I’ve played around with them on the PTR. It’s like starting over as a noob again. (No Gatherer? No functional Clique as far as I can tell. CT_Raid and Emergency Monitor? I’d hate to think I couldn’t heal anyone in AV unless I was clicking on them. Sucks being hurt, and being you, a non-healer, I guess.)

Tuesday = How Nerfed am I today? Day!

My 60 Warrior … I’m told Warrior’s got so nerfed rage-wise that they can’t even PvP anymore. Maybe you can charge and stun a mage, but then you’ve been blinked, sheeped, POM’d, HELLSTORM FROM HELLed to death. Talk about rage! (Except you can’t use it except to bang your keyboard like some German kid.) Wait, that scenario already happens. What was I thinking? Anyway, the thinking goes that rage generation is so slow that a pvp fight is over before enough rage can be spent to win.

My 60 Shaman … I think I’m supposed to heal now. Except healer functionality support has been stripped from the add-ons. You’re on your own, I’m going fishing.

My 58 Hunter … Hunters are always good. And being Alliance I’m going to rake in the honor in AV. If I can get in. Two more levels and it’s easy street.

Tuesday = 41 points into the Talent Trees. What level 50 isn’t going to be putting all 41 points in their top talent in a tree of their choice? Warriors into Arms; Pally’s into … that Angel Wings talent; Druids into … choices there actually. I think the gold sellers are going to have a mini-renaissance as people spec, and respec, and respec again. (After all, how many epic world drops actually drop to fund all that??)

Tuesdays. Tell me why?


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  1. Doeg says:

    Speaking of gold-sellers — I even got an ad in my in-game mail from a gold seller.
    I deleted it, and then wished I had known how to forward it to a GM.

    Re-speccing will be an interesting challenge. My warrior is currently prot-spec, but I may play around with something new, something more PvP oriented. I PvP way more than I tank for parties. But going for the 41 talent will pretty much lock a toon into a single tree at level 60, making for some tough choices.

  2. Excaliber1 says:

    hmm…im 48 currently..wonder what ill be putting my 39 points into..maybe..full BM….

  3. Doeg says:

    Read the patch notes this morning.

    Didn’t like the hunter “traps in combat” mod.
    First of all, that ability needs a name other than “trap” if it can be ‘cast in combat’.
    Second, it seems like that could be way overpowered in PvP, depending on how if plays.
    Third, if I have a hunter targeted in PvP and he casts a trap, do I have some detect / resist bonus?

    I just didn’t like it overall. Hunters are already strong against casters. Seems like an in-combat freezing trap capability makes them overpowered against melee classes (warrior / rogue / pally).

  4. Kinless says:

    I’m hoping that it takes two seconds, channeled say, to place and arm a trap. You need two seconds to set it. Maybe taking damage disrupts it too like it was a spell being cast.

    I’m hoping for no more instantaneous “Feign Death + Drop Trap” and catch me a block of ice.

    Nothing more insanely annoying than to have a hunter instantaneously dismount, feign, and drop an ice trap on me. Then he moves to distance and I’m dead.

    I play a Hunter. I like the class. But that’s just too powerful.

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