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Three Alterac Valleys, three wins in a row last night. EPIX!Ooh, I’m going to stop while I’m ahead. Clearing over 100k in honor so far this week. One more night and we’ll see how far into Rank 8 I got. … Continue reading

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My wife wonders if I’m nuts. I’m going for PvP rank, ergo I am. AV kitchen menu: 1) Humble Pie; 2) Humility Ham; 3) Steaming cup o’ $%*& So, I pretty much PvP’d all night on Msaker (sounds like Massacre). … Continue reading

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Scholomance isn’t so bad. Not so dusty now. But the future? Ran Scholomance last night with my guild, Dark Ministry. We were Drerie, a Warlock, Shadwell, a Rogue, Athair, a Priest, Senthris, a Mage, and Msaker, the only non-Forsaken, an … Continue reading

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Enough with the Horde losses! Or, if you are going to keep losing, do so consistently! Team Kinless for the win! Rank 7 this week, Msaker picked up the Blood Guard gauntlets and boots. Perhaps next week, or so, he … Continue reading

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My fighters rest as the war rooms crank their numbers. Who got a promotion? Who spun their wheels? 1,345,330 Blackdragon Scales . WTF!? Dear Bots,. Wasn’t easy. The Horde continued their losing ways. I think in the last battles the … Continue reading

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Third character to 999/1000 Exalted with Alterac Valley. Arcarius made it to exalted finally, fighting alongside the Stormpike incursion into the Alterac Valley. Alliance continue to dominate, mostly, but there is the occasional loss. It seems that when the Horde … Continue reading

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How did they do it? Arcarius played a lot of AV matches. Made 118k honor last week. He went from Rank 4 to all of Rank 5. Msaker played in as many losing AV matches as he could stomach, and … Continue reading

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