Ten character slots is not enough. Warlock. The 13th Warrior?

Blizzard has basically said “Ten slots is good enough.” and won’t be adding any slots to our ten per server character lists when the expansion comes.

In the two years (yowza) that I’ve been playing, I’ve managed to consolidate my regulars, the regulars mind you, onto one server, Kirin Tor.

Horde side: Shaman, Warrior, Priest, Hunter, and a Mage to come with the expansion.

Alliance side: Hunter, Druid, Warrior, Rogue, Paladin, and a Shaman to come with the expansion.

See the problem? 11 characters. In two years I consider 9 to be my regulars. If I can only have 10 per server, then the Horde Hunter will have to go. He’s only level 13, and the only one now not at level 30 or more, but being a Hunter he is the most capable of soloing content and desireable to have on the Horde side as well.

Since I like being a support to my wife, and friends, I like having a Warrior around. Since I play both factions, that’s two Warriors.

I like being a support class. Keeping people buffed, cleansed, cured, healthy, is really kind of cool. I have four of that class, and will add a 5th in the new Alliance Shaman.

And for soloing I’ll have my Hunter and Rogue, and for the Lore a new Blood Elf Mage.

What’s missing? Warlocks, for one.

So I’ve created Abdiblis, or Abd Iblis if I could add the right space, on another server. Steamwheedle Cartel I believe.

Iblis, per Wiki,

Iblis was a Jinn, a creature made of smokeless fire by God (like humans are made of ‘clay’). In an outburst rooted in envy, Iblis disobeyed Allah and was expelled from the grace of Allah. He was later sent to earth along with Adam and Eve after having lured them into eating fruit from the forbidden tree, although in this role he is always referred to as al-Shaitan. He was condemned consequently by Allah (God) to Jahannam (Hell). He replied with saying that he wanted to bring the inhabitants of Earth down with him, and Allah (God), to test Mankind and Jinn, allowed him to roam Earth to attempt to misguide others.

The Qur’an does not depict Shaitan as the enemy of Allah, for Allah is supreme over all his creations and Iblis is just one of his creations. Unlike the Zoroastrian beliefs, all good and bad deeds are from Allah himself and only he can save humanity from the evils of his universe and his creations. Shaitan’s single enemy is humanity. He intends to discourage humans from obeying God. Thus, humankind is warned to struggle against the mischiefs of the Shaitan and temptations he puts them in. A commonly shared belief in both Islam and Christianity is that the universal existence of evil in personal lives is usually experienced because of the devil.

Abd is the prefix used to say “Slave of…”. Abdullah = Abd Allah = Slave of God.

Abdiblis = Slave of the Demon.

And isn’t that being a Warlock?

And, in keeping with the Arabic name origin, He’s got the crewcut black hair, goatee, the almond shaped eyes, and a dark complexion. I suppose he’d feel most at home in the sands of Tanaris.

I sure wish we could keep all our characters on one server. Why not?

Oh, yeah, warlock is pretty awesome. That dumb guy, Garrit Padfoot behind the vineyard. He melted before a combo of Combustion and Corruption and dagger blows. His sidekick? A stain. I’d previously played a Warlock to level 16, but being named Grimtounge is pretty much a death sentence.

Can we please have 12 character slots on a server Blizzard? How about 20?


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  1. Doeg says:

    That brings up an interesting aside…
    I wonder why Blizz allows a person to roll toons of both factions on a PvE server, but only one faction on a PvP server?
    IMO, the rules should be consistent, with my personal preference being: One faction only on a given server.

    The reason I would prefer the one-faction-only rule is that I hear (rather often) of cases where someone is playing one faction, hears of an impending raid on Westfall or Crossroads, and logs on to their toon of the other faction and informs the faction who is about to be attacked — which defeats the point of factions / PvP world raids on PvE servers.

    A possible compromise
    There could be a rule similar to the battleground afk rule: After logging off of one faction on a server, a time buffer (15 min maybe?) could be imposed before being allowed to log onto a toon of the other faction on that server.

  2. Kinless says:

    Talking asides:

    I had my wife’s highest level character give my Warrior alt a hand the other day.

    That was Droonda, her 57 Orc Shaman, giving Freewind, my level 32 Night Elf Warrior, a hand killing Bloodtusk Trolls in STV.

    It worked out pretty well. I died once. Stupid aggro. And she was scared for a bit that she’d accidently hit me. But on a PvE server we’re quite harmless to one another. I wonder what the other folks thought as they watched an Orc Shammy and a Nelf Warrior questing together???

  3. Kinless says:

    P.S. I did get my Whirlwind Sword off Cyclonia later that same day. I tagged the elemental and she killed it. Talk about inter-faction cooperation!

  4. Doeg says:

    That’s a good story.
    Grats on the Whirlwind weapon!

    Actually, on my PvE server (Rexxar) it’s not too uncommon to see some impromptu inter-faction cooperation.
    For example, my undead warrior couldn’t have completed the Feralas portion of the “escort the mechanical chicken” quest without the help of a passing night elf druid who not only helped me overcome the first ambush, but then joined in the escort all the way to the coast.
    We must have looked rather humorous to passers-by: An undead warrior with his Mechanical Squirrel pet escorting a Mechanical Chicken with the ad-hoc help of a Night Elf druid. Thanks to his help I eventually got the Mechanical Chicken pet!

    Though I tend to draw the line at rogues and pallies… šŸ˜›

  5. s4dfish says:

    I’ve made a point of keeping my Alliance and Horde toons on seperate servers as I’m a bit of an alt-o-holic. I’ve got 8 alliance toons on my primary server and 5 Horde on my backup. While getting help from a higher level is nice, I like having to start over…

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  7. Anonymous says:

    LOL. These Brogame freaks spam your message board with a badly written ad, and then seriously expect you to buy their crap?

  8. Whiffle says:

    Yes, agreed. Ten characters can be a bit limiting, especially when one becomes and “alt-o-holic” like once was (albeit it was in the vain of trying to find the characters i loved to play most)

    But I have to hand it to you. I admire the way you came up with Abdiblis’ name. I have a book at home, A Dictionary of Angels, which pretty much catalogs all the angels in various lore and myth.

    Iblis, is a rather lenghty read .. heh

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