The next World of Warcraft content update,

“Before the Storm,” will include the new PvP Honor System, as well as other new features that will prepare us for The Burning Crusade expansion. We are currently planning to release this content update next Tuesday, December 5. Please note that the patch date is still subject to change, and we will keep you informed of any changes to the plan as they happen.

If the patch goes live as planned, this will be the last week that new PvP ranks under the old Honor System can be earned, as the patch will immediately introduce the new Honor System. We will run one final honor calculation on December 5 and update everyone’s ranking accordingly on that date so that players who achieve a new rank for that week have the opportunity to display that title on their character. Please note, however, that no new PvP rewards will be unlocked for purchase with this final “old Honor System” calculation, regardless of any increase in rank.

For those who have been seeking high-rank PvP armor and weapons, note that the new Honor System will still include these item rewards, and it will actually be easier to earn these items under the new Honor System than under the old Honor System. Those who wish to see how their PvP abilities measure up against other players will still be able to do so under the new Arena System.


P.S. At last they announce it. And I lost my opportunity for Champion. Ah, well. I played it a little too safe. My call. At least they’ve finally announced it.


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  1. Doeg says:

    As I understand it, Blizzard policy is not to announce the release date of patches, period (though there have been rumors that the impact on the PvP community was so great that there may be some advance warning in this special situation).

    I actually predicted a while back that the patch date would be Nov. 28 (preferred), which might slip to Dec. 5. With Christmas looming, Dec. 12 is probably the last shot before the holidays, and if they were to miss Dec. 12, then I’d look for the patch in January and a slip in the BC expansion release date.

    Note that this link is to a forum post rather than a formal announcement from Blizzard, so I’m not able to determine whether this is a reliable source. Of course, if Blizzard posts a formal announcement, that will settle it, but until then…

    I’ve come this far already, and the rewards are too great not to go for it.
    Until it’s in concrete, I’m going for Legionnaire anyway, with no regrets…

  2. Excaliber1 says:

    N-O-T G-O-O-D =(..Im 98% into rank 4 (probably cause of those damn 3 DHK’s) you think i could go from rank 5- rank 6 in three days? is it possible..

  3. Doeg says:


    What would be the point? Rank 6 is a window-shopping rank; you essentially gain access to the officer’s barracks as your reward, but the good items aren’t unlocked until Rank 7.

    And since ranks will go away on patch day (becoming a display-only artifact of the old system) and there will be no enlisted / officer distinction…
    What would be the point of that much work?

    I’m gunning for Rank 8 – Legionnaire – for the chest and legs. If I’ll be 125K honor or more, by my estimation, by the last calculation, then I’ll buy the Legionnaire equipment on Monday (assuming I can…?) and then should(?) be able to equip it on Tuesday when my highest lifetime rank becomes Legionnaire.

    Of course, assuming that this info is spot-on, and that there is no slip in the patch.

  4. Doeg says:

    In taking a closer look at the original post, it is on the Blizz web site and by a Blizz-tagged poster, so it looks as reliable as we can expect to get.
    I guess this may finally be the end of the line…

  5. Excaliber1 says:

    Dunno why i want 6 so much..just..wanted to have a nice title and show that i have done some succesfull pvp and show people I (kind-of) know how to pvp

  6. Doeg says:


    I can understand that you’d want the title to display – I’ll be doing that with my main. And based on the message as I logged in this morning, this will likely be the last chance ever to get rank and show that a toon was a pre-expansion PvP-er. Unfortunately, to make a multi-rank jump between now and the patch shutdown 1:00am PST Tuesday is, shall we say, ambitious.

    I was wondering as I logged in whether the battlegrounds would be vacant, but everything seemed pretty normal. There were 4 AVs open, which is what I typically see in the morning before work.

    For my part, tonight I’ll head to Org to the Hall of Legends to see if I can actually purchase the Legionnaire gear.

    If yes, then I’ll buy the gear and put all my energies into making Legionnaire in the time I have left.

    If no, then I’ll call it a “good run” and start thinking in terms of post-patch.
    The first item is re-speccing…

    • Louisa says:

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  7. Excaliber1 says:

    yeah, im accepting the fact im gonna just be rank5 lol..well, will they bump up ppl who made honor b4 the patch comes out? I mean iw as 98% in rank4, did some pvp which shuld bumbp me up to rank5 on tuesday..or will they just leave me at rank 4 x.x…yeah im prob gonna respec around 49 to pure MM for my hunter..

  8. Doeg says:

    Plan aborted when I found that Friday I couldn’t pre-buy the Legionnaire gear.

    So instead I quested for epic-mount gold and played my druid alt.

    Come Wednesday, if the patch is loaded and rolling, I’ll window shop the PvP gear prices and hit AV to get a feel for how fast “honor currency” will accrue.

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