“All realms are currently down for scheduled maintenance until 11am PST.

Is it patch day?

Are they going to use that 36MB + 443MB they downloaded to my machine last week?

Does Honor, as we know it, go the way of the Dinosaur and PvP Warriors?

We’ll find out tonight!


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3 Responses to

  1. Doeg says:

    Patch Day or not, I logged in before work and found that I made Blood Guard, and bought my new gear, capping a great week.
    Now if only I can eke out Legionnaire before the honor wipe…

  2. s4dfish says:

    I doubt today is patch day. The PTR is still up and they usually take it down a week or so before the patch goes live.

  3. Samownall says:

    My patch won’t dwload. I have a love/hate relationship with Blizzard.
    Samownall WoW tips

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