Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto!

I can say this: “Bots might not be so bad.” With stacks and stacks of Rugged Leather, 25 Black Dragonscales, 20 Worn Dragonscales added to my inventory, and 1/4 of an xp bar added to my character, I can add “If Blizzard is okay with the Bots, then maybe I should be too.”

I was asked by someone “Why are you helping him? (This new Bot friend of mine.) I’ve reported him before. Blizzard does nothing.”

I replied “I’ve reported him too. Twice now. Yeah, Blizzard did nothing. But I’m not helping him. … He’s helping me!”

“Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto!”

I maintained a nice converstation with my Orc-bot friend. Asking him occasionally /s “I helped you kill this, mind if I skin it after you loot?” He never objected.

Then, once I got the “target of target” targetting down, /s “You got the last one, let me get this one, and you help *me* kill it.” He did so, very nicely. His Cat holds better aggro than my ol’ Draka.

Occasionally he’d get stuck. Running into a wall. Running. Running. Back up a little, run into the same wall. Running. Running. Back up even more. Turn 30 degrees, then run a curve to get back on track. Over and and over as we made our loop.

One Dragonkin wasn’t in his target list. He kept literally running into it then backing off to kill it at range.

He could target them from a mile away otherwise. Just not this one.

/s “We make a great team you and I!”

Is what I’m doing wrong though? Exploiting an exploiter? I think so. But, hey! If Blizzard is good to go with Bots, then I can be too.

Blizzard could stop this by paying attention to our reports on the Bots and doing something about them. It’s so blazing obvious that these are automated Bots running around, and Blizzard does nothing, I question that.

So, they ignore my reports and I’ll figure something else out.

In the meantime, I’m going to go collect some more dragonscales.


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  1. Delaney says:

    lol. An excellent idea to team up with the obliging program.

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