Cry “Uncle,” and forget the dogs of war.

250,000 honor earned last week was enough to take me from 17% into Rank 8 to 9% into Rank 9. Really not sure if I’d ever make Rank 10, before the patch, whenever that might be released, at this rate. This rate included playing pretty much all my freetime in the Battlegrounds. Argh! Enough! “Uncle!” Let my people go!

You know, I’d still be trying to Rank 10 if I had an idea when Blizzard’s Honor Removing Patch was going live. If I knew a date I could count on, I could work within the window possibly to achieve that goal. But to be surprised, tomorrow, or next week, or a month from now… Nah. Not worth it. This is my life. I’m not going to piss away a week of my time to have Blizzard just erase it. If I wanted to do that I’d be playing offline games. I really wished Blizzard cared enough to give us the heads-up of when that patch was going live. But, so far, they’ve ignored the forum pleas for them to do so.

But I’ve been doing this Battlegrounding for months now. The more-there-than-somewhere-else thing, and it’s gotten old.

It was a good run. I made it to Rank 9. Centurion. I was scoring pretty highly in the Killing Blows department in the Alterac Valley battles. The top Warrior, or 2nd, or 3rd at worst, most every battle I entered. (And I entered a lot!!) I was tanking Balinda. Me in my PvP gear + AH Valor Blues and Imperial Greens. The Unstoppable Force, and a Mortal Strike build, serving me sooo well.

And 10,400 Honor Kills in my lifetime so far. (Enough, I figure, for a small town. Cry Havoc! and let lose the Msaker of War!)

But enough’s enough. Uncle. Ding, I’m done. Centurion it is. I’m not hardcore enough to get further.

So, the wife and I decided to play hooky from all the War.

Droonda and Msaker went north and fought the Deadwood Furbolgs.

Hialeah and Paakanti went to the Barrens to begin the quests there.

Zauber and Darbanville will shortly begin again on his Warlock quest for the Felhunter.

Good times.


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  1. Doeg says:

    Grats on Centurion!
    For the Horde!

    As I commented over on Mark of the Wild blog, I basically moved bars last week, which was depressing until I decided that it sets up a great week.

    Sure enough, last night: Frostwolf-Exalted 999/1000
    First time ever to Exalted!

    And more importantly, last night was fun in PvP action, too!

    And I thought of your blog entry “Paul Lazzaro’s friend” — an Alliance warrior decided he had to kill me in AV. Ran into him while waking up Jeztor; decided I’d just intimidating shout him and ride to the SP GY fight. I ride to the rise up the high road and am removing a couple of Stormpike Guards and ‘Charge Stun’ — here he is again, same name. I’m thinking, “What a pain”, then, “On the high road? He’s dead”. Sure enough, Horde come streaming up the high road (this was a winning Horde AV group), and he’s toast. Done? No way! We take SP GY quickly, and I’m in the group guarding it while it caps, and I seen red text on the low road — guess who? Mr. Death Wish again. A frost mage and I make quick work of it (the mage didn’t need me, but I felt obligated to get in a few whacks, since he was probably coming for me). And after that he must’ve gone on Alliance O because I didn’t see him again.

    Fun times in AV…

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