My wife wonders if I’m nuts. I’m going for PvP rank, ergo I am. AV kitchen menu: 1) Humble Pie; 2) Humility Ham; 3) Steaming cup o’ $%*&

So, I pretty much PvP’d all night on Msaker (sounds like Massacre). Did quest a little with Freewind and Effilda, and then Arcarius, gent that he is, escorted Effilda through a few of the elite quests Redridge offers.
But after that Msaker had his turn. Premade after premade after pug-so-good-it-might-as-well-be-a-premade. 3 losses in AB. Then into Alterac Valley. Had a marker so two more losses brought me to 3. Lasted over an hour each, did rack up some serious honor kills though. And Msaker, in his garbage gear, did manage to score high, if not highest, on my DPS meter every little fight (Balinda, etc.), he was in the top 5 both battles in killing blows.
One battle he was 3rd. The next he was 4th.

Gear matters. (Look at how much more killing the Alliance folks do.) Then again, gear doesn’t matter. Some of these folks are in BWL gear, and I’m holding my own.

Funny thing about this Vorcon earlier. Seems he almost got me riding the road to the SPGY. He had me down half when teammates showed up. They healed me, bubbled me, and I’m thinking I might have even gotten the killing blow in. He was wielding these orange fist weapon things. Looked pretty cool. Still dead my friend.

Even Arcarius gets into the action. His last match he came out 3rd, and on the winning side.

Did you ever stop to see the small details. Here is the bubbling chemistry lab at the Relief Hut. Relief from what? Acid indigestion?

Oh, yeah, my last battle in WSG for the Greater Honor turn-in. Turns out I was in with an 8-man premade from Cho’gall. Guild name FACE. Woot! It showed. Domination. Thanks guys.

If Blizzard wanted to even things, they’d do to WSG and AB what they did for AV. No premades. You join, and fight, alone. (Or each individually join the same game.) Let the “arena” matches be the pre-mades. Let the BG’s represent the chaos that is war.

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  1. Excaliber1 says:

    lol..i cant wait till i hit think loosing AV is bad? How about loosing over and over again to 2 BG’s? Horde wins AB 90% of time and WSG 90% of time as well..low level alliance players dont know jack about co-op much less how to actually atk something.



    no co-op, no leadership, horde wins 2/3 BG’s its horrible if your alliance player and cant do AV..why..cause we loose AB and WSG constantly

    (im 1-10 in AB, 2-8 in WSG) ..didnt think horde of all people couldnt co-op lol..seems they rock at it in AB and WSG….

  2. Kinless says:

    You know that changes at 60 though. I think Horde is about 50:50 with Alliance in WSG and AB in the 60 bracket. And tonight I was in 3 AV wins in a row. Woot.

  3. Doeg says:

    I’ve wondered what they were drinkin’ up at the Alliance Relief Hut too…
    Whatever it is, it sure puts some zip in the Marshals…

    On Battlegroup 6, fighting for the Horde…
    — In AB 50-59 this week it was all wins, no losses, eight or more games played. Mostly 15-on-15, and mostly reasonably tough fights. My son, also Horde AB 50-59, was undefeated this week as well in several games. That’s not unusual, though sometimes you get weird results on AB holiday weekends (especially in the lower brackets). In mid-week it’s not uncommon to enter AB and see Horde outnumber Alliance 15-7 or 15-8 and (obviously) quickly 5-cap and win in ~5 min, but I’ve also seen Horde 5-cap in short order when 15-15 (I don’t know how to explain that).
    In playing a lot of Horde AB ranging 30-59 I’ve only seen a handful of Alliance wins and only one Alliance 5-cap (that was 30-39 bracket on a holiday weekend).
    — In AV Horde-side, you just never know.
    I’ve seen awesome Horde teams completely rout the Alliance in under 30 min, and I’ve seen the Alliance completely rout the Horde in under 30 min — and seemingly everything in-between.
    If I’m queued up for AB too I can usually bail out of the Horde disasters without having to go /afk. Actually, this week was really good in that the AVs I completed were probably ~60%+ Horde wins. I would guess that in BG6 AV the Horde are winning at least half the time, and if I chance to get with a good AV group I immediately re-queue AV after the win and get in with them again 🙂

    Horde-side, a good strategy is:
    ~10-man IB tower/GY defense, and with O a quick push to grab (and hold) SH GY, the two nearby towers, and take out Bal (by that time the SH GY should cap). Then HIGH ROAD to SP GY, some all the way to the mine, some dropping in on the GY itself, cap SP (and sometimes ninja AS at the same time, like this morning). Hold SP GY, cap the AS (ride past if necessary) and clean up the Alliance NPCs. Good tower management can minimize dealing with Marshals (D *does* matter). Pull Marshals (hopefully you can hold them down with a tank; otherwise, just whatever works). *Everybody* dog pile on Vann; Horde wins.
    Obviously there are many variations.
    But I’ve seen the basic ‘recipe for Horde success’ work over and over. A good BG leader will tell the group these steps; if people listen, Horde typically wins.

  4. Excaliber1 says:

    yeah i cant wait till 60..i hear (and seen on your blog hehe) alliance pwns AV woot..finally some wins.. =P

  5. Sinker says:

    My Tauren Druid is on Cho’gall, so I remember the guild FACE. They are one of those guilds that kept it going post-transfers, while guilds like mine crumbled.

    As far as AV goes, I still haven’t seen the Horde win a game. I haven’t seen the Horde come close to winning a game unless the Alliance screws something up. Unfortunately, the Alliance has been getting very lazy about securing GYs, so I think the Horde will start to get more chances.

  6. Doeg says:

    My early morning crew Horde on Battlegroup 6 didn’t win before I had to leave for work this morning. We got the objectives quickly; SH GY and the two nearby towers, Bal; and SP GY fell shortly after.
    But then some well-intentioned Horde hero ninja-ed Snowfall and the Alliance had only AS GY, resulting in a big turtle there.
    But I did get a rep boost because all the Hordies took the opportunity to turn in Armor and Blood, so in spite of the /AFK to go to work it was a good run.

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