Third character to 999/1000 Exalted with Alterac Valley.

Arcarius made it to exalted finally, fighting alongside the Stormpike incursion into the Alterac Valley. Alliance continue to dominate, mostly, but there is the occasional loss. It seems that when the Horde chose to defend, the Alliance may lose. If they don’t defend, Alliance wins.

Msaker went on three failed defenses of Frostwolf. In each case no defense was offered at Galv’s or Iceblood Graveyard. The Alliance steamrolled the Horde three times. At least the failures come quick. The last battle was harder fought. We actually captured the Aid Station. After RIDING THROUGH THE AID STATION FLAG INTO THE CEMETERY. It works.

Tonight will be a little more PvP action, as Droonda is out of town, and let’s see where the Ranks fall come Tuesday evening.


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  1. Doeg says:

    Ah, a fellow PvP-er!

    I see that on your Battlegroup things are similar to on Rexxar / Battlegroup 6 where I play. On BG6, AV tends toward Alliance, though there are some Horde wins (maybe 25%?). In AB, my playground-of-choice, Horde wins in the 30-59 brackets most of the time (guessing 90%).

    I’m not sure why that is. I would like to see AV queue up 50% of the time in mirror — that is, that the Horde and Alliance positions are swapped. That would remove the possibility that the map is biased. I understand the idea that AV attempts to be a ‘dynamic imbalance’. Keep the ‘dynamic imbalance’, but give each side a shot at defending each position.

    All-in-all, as a Horde warrior, I don’t care much for AV anymore (it’s turned into a painful grind). ISTM that a warrior doesn’t seem to have much of a place on D (maybe I’m wrong in that). But I plan on toughing it out to the highest rep (which looks excruciatingly far away right now) — then I probably won’t be back until my next toon needs Frostwolf rep (not looking forward to that). All-too-often on O on the Horde side it’s an endless death rush (Horde channeled into AOE alleys of death) on the Stormpike Graveyard that eventually grinds down into waiting for the Alliance to finish it, already! Then if the Horde actually manage to take Stormpike Graveyard… Horde are then channeled (again) onto the next long AOE alley, the bridge. If there is any kind of defense at all on the Alliance side, it takes some tight coordination to make progress on O as the Horde — something that my typical PUG does not have. In AV I have seen little along the lines of solo or small-group combat (which is the PvP I enjoy most), and in AV there is no real way to shift forces about the map in a timely manner (except the trinket) — on Horde O, it’s usually more like a hamburger hill scenario over and over again.

    In AB, if one flag is well-guarded, you have the option to attack another flag (what a novel concept!) And in AB the D obviously can’t all pile up on one position, either. The group has to communicate, be flexible, mobile, and one person can actually make a difference. And in AB you get a lot of what is IMO “true” PvP — that one-on-one and two-on-two action — very common in AB, along with pitched battles with timely reinforcements saving outnumbered defenders.

    But the AV queue time is always less than a minute, and AB in 50-59 is often 45 minutes because Alliance won’t join AB once AV is a PvP option.

  2. gamecheats says:

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  3. Kinless says:

    Hey Doeg.

    Yeah, nice post. Not sure what the cheats seller is offering. (Don’t do it folks!)

    The rewards in AV are worth it though for a Warrior. The shield and 2-h mace are really good.

    I’ll pretty much just stick to AV with my Nelf Hunter. Msaker can start doing AB’s. Those can be challenging, but winnable. And if it seems fair more people are going to try it. The AV slaughtermill is wearing on everyone I think.

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