How did they do it?

Arcarius played a lot of AV matches. Made 118k honor last week. He went from Rank 4 to all of Rank 5.

Msaker played in as many losing AV matches as he could stomach, and earned 69k honor. He went from Rank 6 to higher in Rank 6.

Well, hell. Now that I’ve gotten this close to Rank 7, I can’t stop now, can I? I mean when the Honor system is revamped and all this accumulated honor and rank and standing just vanishes, I’ll have to work like a dog, again, to get the PvP rewards.

So they’ve replaced the Grind-with-Decay (aka Swim-or-Sink) with a Grind-grind-grind system. (Anyone remember raising cash for a mount?) I envision, however, just as many people spending just as much of their lives, post change, to be the first, the next rather, to be fully equipped in Warlord’s gear. IN FACT: I imagine that since everyone now has access to the Warlord’s gear, with the change, everyone will be going for it. Good news being more people PvPing and more honor rolling in, and rewards costing fixed honor amounts, everyone will get what they want. This becomes a viable alternative (if you care to do it) to hours long raiding in the dungeons for a shot at a possibility of a chance of an increase in the likelihood in getting what you need.

How much time did the current high rank PvPers spend getting to where they got? That’s a rhetorical question, and one to which most would admit “Way too much time.”


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  1. Saylah says:

    PVP is about all I’m interested in atm. I’m bored with leveling. I WISH I hadn’t fallen prey to the idea that TBC was coming out this month, so I stopped. I might have reached 7 by now if I hadn’t. I slipped back down to into Rank 4 but worked my way back to high Rank 5. I’m going to try to make a run for the gold (Rank 7 and/or AV exalted) now.

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