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I’ve been thinking. Pondering today’s End-Game in World of Warcraft. Well, I was reflecting a little the other night too. Just taking a few screenshots of my awesomeness in WSG (Heh!) I browsed some of the older screenshots. I have … Continue reading

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Questing myself into a quandry following quarrel resolutions. Last night Nachmahd, Droonda, and Msaker journeyed up to the frozen valleys of Winterspring. Droonda and Msaker first worked on the Deadwood Furbolgs of Northern Felwood for the Timbermaw guy outside the … Continue reading

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Warsong Gulch. Mixed performance there. After the wild Arathi Basin win I signed up for Warsong Gulch. I wanted to get enough marks to turn in For Greater Honor (i.e. 3 each marks from WSG, AB, and AV). Not up … Continue reading

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A shout-out to the healers! (Especially Nawah, a Druid from Illidian.) I came into the AB match after it started. We had 3 resources,the Alliance 2. I left the top scorer. Why? Towards the end we rushed the Stables, didn’t … Continue reading

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This isn’t Hello Kitty! Fantasy Island. I figure it doesn’t need to be said, but there you have it, it’s said. Cartman: This shall be a day for all to remember, let us bravely charge the fields of Azeroth, from … Continue reading

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Bubble Boy Chase. Or, how to keep four morons busy. (See below.) How to keep four morons busy. (See above.) I’ve got a fever, and the only cause is more Pally. Geeze loueeze Horde! GG. WTF? You’re making this Warrior … Continue reading

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Ding. 56. Nearly there. Msaker made 56 the old fashioned way. I visited my friends, the Dreadmaul Ogres in the Burning Steppes, and, Orc-style, I left none alive. The last 15% I needed, after a night of questing with my … Continue reading

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