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That’s just a real shame. For the Horde that is. It seems the Alliance have developed a new strategy. That is to farm HK’s on the way to their win. Since when do the Alliance take and hold Stonehearth Graveyard? … Continue reading

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Blackrock Depths. The header graphic is appropriate. Last night we entered Blackrock Depths with a handful of quests in hand. Droonda, Msaker, Nachmahd, Senthris, and Azghul. All of Dark Ministry. We did well. We wandered around a bit at the … Continue reading

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Tall, dark, and handsome. Short, bright, and perky. Yin and Yang. Arcarius and Winkydink. Alterac Valley goodness. Arathi Basin badness. She thinks he’s handsome. At least that’s what little Winkydink, my wife’s Gnome Warrior, thinks of Arcarius, my Night Elf … Continue reading

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Ding. The big 6-0. For my second time. Msaker, aka Oddity, finally reached level 60. My 2nd character to do so. Some thoughts… Blackhoof, aka Darkhoof, my Tauren Shaman, reached 60 in a raiding guild on a PvP server. By … Continue reading

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Msaker’s address to Dark Ministry. A backstory. (Dark Ministry of Kirin Tor is: “A ministry established by the sovereign government of Sylvanas Queen to ease the great burdens of administration. Like any bureaucracy, the Dark Ministry seeks to grow not … Continue reading

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Storming Frostwolf Keep. Ten of us. Valerie: Bye bye, boys!Max: Have fun storming the castle!Valerie: [to Max] Think it will work?Max: It would take a miracle.Max and Valerie: [waving] Buh-bye!(Princess Bride) And, no, no miracle required. Seeming miraculous though. Storming … Continue reading

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ZOMG! Alliance in AV is Easy Mode. Mostly.Well, first ever time Arcarius, my Night Elf Hunter, got into Alterac Valley, the Horde decimated us! It was incredible. After losing so many times with Msaker I was expecting quick wins. No … Continue reading

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