Hello?! What’s this?! Horde defending?!

What’s up with that?


So, here we are, doing the usual Alliance charge out of it’s home base, racing past Snowfall (taking it) and heading for Galv’s.

And this time I see a sea of red names. They are … defending?! What’s up with that? What’s wrong with this picture?

Good lord, Horde were all over the place. Defending Galv and the Iceblood Graveyard like it mattered. (It does.) We had running battles all over the place.

And then I heard the call go out to summon Ivus. Well, I know where Lok gets summoned, but Ivus? Do I ask in /bg chat “Where do I go.” and have someone respond “L2Level”? Nah. Ivus appeared shortly thereafter anyway. Cool. I’d never seen him. Once, a while back, as he was charging Frostwolf at the tail end of a long loss by the horde.

But, then, oddly, Lok spawned! Ivus and Lok were both rampaging in the Field of Strife. So that’s how that field got it’s name!

Oh, we were cocky too. “Ivus is bigger cause he’s been killing more. Don’t steal his kills.” Well, Ivus must have gotten indigestion because not long afterward the message goes out, “They kited Ivus back and killed him.” Hmm. What’s Lok up to? Mmm, pwning Alliance as he headed north.

Dag, what a rout! Yowza. My wife was waiting for me so I had to /afk out.

My friend Nachmahd played three matches on the same day. He was in three Horde wins in a row. 2nd game he was defending Iceblood most of the game.

It seems that both Alliance and Horde are adjusting tactics. Nice to see some thought process going on for once.


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