Msaker’s address to Dark Ministry. A backstory.

(Dark Ministry of Kirin Tor is: “A ministry established by the sovereign government of Sylvanas Queen to ease the great burdens of administration. Like any bureaucracy, the Dark Ministry seeks to grow not only in size, but also in power and influence over the Horde to further it’s mysterious aims. “)


Allow me a moment to address you.

My name is Msaker. I am a Warrior. I was given this name because as an infant I spurned the usual food of babies and thrived instead on meat. The name means “The Carnivorous” in some ancient language. My father, from lost Draenor, was an educated man, and he had a sense of humor. My companion is the Shaman you know as Droonda.

We are Orcs, born in the internment camps of Lordaeron. Though born into captivity at the hands of the Humans, we are free today because of one man, Thrall, and his vision of a free Orcish people. Free physically from the bondage imposed on our race by the Humans, but also free from the demonic pact with Mannoroth, we joined with him in search of a better place to call home. We found that in Durotar. It is a better place than a slave pen, but not the perfect place. Not for us.

We too were influenced by the ideas and philosophies of the Warsong and Frostwolf Clans. I hold that these Clans, and their ideas, are the true representatives of our people. Look to these Clans to see the nobility in the Orcish spirit. Do not look at the Orcs still possessed by Mannoroth, or twisted into nefarious beings by false leaders, as true Orcish people. They remain corrupted, race traitors, and cursed.

I follow the combat principles of the Warsong which holds Honor to be the highest principle. Droonda has aligned herself to the shamanistic Frostwolf, and embraces the elements like a fish does water. It has become her … nature. Together we try to uphold the innate honor and nobility of our people and the clans.

Droonda is strong and steady. She is of our people. She has recovered some of the graces our people previously possessed. She is … true.

I… I am weak. My eyes, it pains me to admit, even to myself, retain a red coloration, a mad look, a cursed stain left by our people’s past possession by Mannoroth. I will use it though; I use this … curse, when I must, in the form of rage against the wicked, as anger against those who would shame our Honor. They gave me a strong weapon with which I will smite them, and all our enemies. But my heart, I am sure, I hope, I fervently pray, is true.

But we apparently differ with Thrall. Perhaps he is happy in Kalimdor, content to be settled in the city of rocks and stone and timber. For I see no Orcish legions marching on the Dark Portal to return home to Draenor. They appear too settled in Orgrimmar and its outlying villages to bother with the march. Have they capitulated to circumstance? Perhaps. I will leave them if they are happy.

I believe, however, that we Orcish people can have it better yet. Blessed with freedom, blessed with a home, that is fine. It is better than what we had not long ago. But we wish to be blessed with a heritage as well. With roots. I will defend Orcish honor to the death. But I also will not stop seeking the best life for Droonda and I. Nor becoming the best we might be, or discovering at least what that might be.

We will aid you, the members of the Dark Ministry that have taken us in, and your cause. We do so for several reasons. You too fight for a goal that we share, and that is eliminating the Scourge, the enemy common to all. We respect that. We also understand that you will soon venture into the Outlands and there are good reasons not to make such journeys alone. We stand ready to fight by your side through to the other side. And in our past, while questing in the neighborhood of Brill, outside of the Undercity, we met and befriended a young Forsaken lady known as Zauberin. She has been associated with you for as long as she has been … afflicted. Her story was a sad one, and we felt, being a race also cursed once, perhaps still cursed beyond what we will ever know, a great empathy with her. We are all cursed, and we all wish salvation, redemption, and purpose. We will stand with you and we shall strive together.

And while on the parallel paths of our strivings together, if Droonda and I reach the Outlands, then we will take that opportunity to seek a further goal of ours. And that is to find our home, to find that place where we, as Orcs, truly belong. Where our nobility is retained, or at least remembered. We will return to Draenor looking for ourselves, for what we should have been, and perhaps what we might be again.

Msaker, Affiliate of the Frostwolf and Warsong Clans, Disciple, by your grace, of Dark Ministry

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2 Responses to

  1. Anonymous says:

    Good read, RP Much? 😛

  2. Kinless says:

    Not really. I probably need to do more in that vein, being on an RP server and all, but I don’t. I do try to remain somewhat true to form.

    So I keep in-game, in-character as best I can. No chatter about the real world in guild chat, no 1337 names or speak.

    I do use WTF alot in AV, but I’m Horde, it’s expected and I’m entitled to.

    I did try to keep within the bounds of the game world and story. Some RP’ers just go out and make up whatever story they want and plunk it in this gameworld and let the rest deal with it. “I was the Great Destroyer of Worlds in the Realm of Zanadu, but I died and was born again a level 1 Forsaken Mage.” Okay. Whatever. Knock your socks off.

    I remember a debate once about cross-faction picnics in the barrens. I objected. They said it’s their $15 they could do what they want. True, I said, just don’t call it role-playing.

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