Warsong Gulch. Mixed performance there.

After the wild Arathi Basin win I signed up for Warsong Gulch. I wanted to get enough marks to turn in For Greater Honor (i.e. 3 each marks from WSG, AB, and AV).

Not up against a pre-made (entire team from same server, i.e. a pvp guild on vent = you’re pwned) we stood a chance.

We did win 3-1 but, boy, some gnome warlock was giving me lots of trouble. She was the top of the killing blows list as well. I was tied for 2nd right with another Hordie right behind her though.

It’s a whole other game. You’ve got your quests, and then you’ve also got your Honor grind (via any of the BG’s) and your Rep grind (depending on your goals). I’m figuring the longer I save Sunken Temple and Blackrock Depths and beyond, the better geared I’ll be. The better geared I am the easier it will go. (The Immoveable Object should help the tanking in any case.)

Otherwise Nachmahd and Msaker were up in Winterspring working on getting in nice with the Timbermaws, and doing a little hunting. Last night we found and slew Ursius. Tonight it will be Brumegan.

Dinging 60 and Exalted+900 with Frostwolf at near the same time will be sweet.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Grats in advance on 60 and exalted. I’m grinding my way up to exalted and hope to hit it by the end of the month.

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