This isn’t Hello Kitty! Fantasy Island.

I figure it doesn’t need to be said, but there you have it, it’s said.

Cartman: This shall be a day for all to remember, let us bravely charge the fields of Azeroth, from which–
Butters: Hey fellas!…boy, this is neato huh?!
Cartman: …Butters, what the hell are you doing?
Butters: I got World of Warcraft like you said.
Cartman: You can’t be the dwarf character Butters, I’m the dwarf.
Butters: Well, there’s only like four races to choose from–
Cartman: So pick another one, I’m the dwarf you stupid asshole! Log out, create a new account and log back in!
Butters: I like “Hello Kitty Island Adventure” a lot more than your stuff.

The episode was really funny. Do check it out.


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  1. Saylah says:

    It was an awesome episode and for like 60 mintues aferward, made me love WOW again. Then I remembered the BC Priest talents was pissed at Blizzard again.

    I’m a fan of SP and they did WOW proud. I do wonder how non-gamers felt. How many of the inside jokes did they really get? Guess with 7M of us playing and our families knowing a bit, the rest of the populace doesn’t matter. 😉

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