News from the frontlines.

Nothing new since there’s just so much happening.

Droonda main healed Zul’Farrak the other night. She’s a 46 Shaman and she was our main healer. Nice work! Me, 53 Orc Warrior, Nachmahd, 54 Ehhancement Shammy, Xulu, 43 Troll Mage, and Nazaria, 44 Orc Warlock, ran the circuit. The groups of trolls were easy, and we survived the Fight at the Stairs without a death. We only managed to die when I, or Msaker rather, walked up to the Witchdoctor with the rest of the team in another area and Xulu was afk. Good grief. Green=not mean! Well, that encounter saw a ton of adds spawn, and they never despawned. We rezzed and began to work into the place again, this time moving right instead of left, alas the time got away from us and we didn’t complete it.

The day earlier Droonda main healed our Maradaun run. She, I, Nachmahd, and Azghul, a guildmate Forsaken Warlock. We got the Celebrian Rod and the Celebrian Diamond, and got 3 of the 5 gems, all the shards, all the carvings. We did good. And Droonda healed like a pro. Nerf Shamans! No?

And ya gotta have a tank!

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Last night it was the Druids Night Out. Greenclaw took Itarilde down to Stranglethorn Vale and we did the hunting quests. Though the cats were yellow to Greenclaw, level 37, I can’t imagine what Itarilde saw being only level 32. However, when we’d encounter a Shadowmaw Panther, say, she’d be in Bear Form and tank it and I’d be in Cat Form dps’ing, and pulling aggro off her. We did incredibly well! At our level we can tank, dps, heal, hide. What more can you ask for?

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Arcarius managed to reach level 51 at long last. (First ever character, been alive since November ’04.) He reached 51 at Raven Hill in the Plaguelands. What was his first action on dinging? You bet! He turned in his scourgestones and traveled to Alterac Valley and attempted to go in. No luck since there appeared to be enough defenders. For another night it will be.

My wifes characters are getting their own love. Droonda of course. What a woman! Winkydink, her Gnome Warrior. (“Need more rage!”) Effilda, her Human Mage, cleared house, and quests, in Redridge. Ombria, a Night Elf Rogue, is going to get some attention too.

Our friend Nachmahd continues to press to level 60 with his Shaman. And Nachzug was created last night and is an Orc Warrior nearing level 10. (What’s nice is now he knows how Msaker feels when he loses aggro! 🙂 )

Expansion? I don’t need it quite yet. (But when it does come, we’ll all be ready!)

Until then.

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Your humble correspondent signing off.


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