Just the two of us. And then, something completely different.

Itarilda and Freewind returned to Stormwind City, prepared to cleanse the Stockades of the rioters. Just the two of us, so we visit the meeting stone and touch it. Wait. “MMM mmm. Dum dee dum. So. How’s things? Like the weather we’re having? ‘I don’t know about you, but I can’t understand a thing those wisps say. I usually just nod.'”

Well, we stopped waiting and went in to see how it’d go. I being level 29, she level 31, how tough could it be? I carefully pull and we keep back. One or two at a time was easy enough. The only annoying part was the runners. Playing a Fury Warrior like Msaker I tend not to “stance dance”. But I wanted to see how quickly I could fire off a hamstring once their health got low. I stayed in defensive stance, with a shield thank you very much, and then when the health got low I went into battle stance. All my rage was there. I dropped a hamstring on them and then an execute. Tactical Mastery for the win!

We worked our way down the corridor, and at the T made a left. This took us to Dextren Ward. It was going real well. We had a Druid join us for a few rooms but he disconnected. After we’d killed Dextren another person joined the party. Unfortunately the prisoners were back and we had a bad pull. When the new party member says “Well, I’m going to join a group that’s ready,” I’m thinking “We’ve cleared 2/3 of this place without you.” and I say “Good luck to you.” and uninvite him.

Back at the start, just the two of us again, we worked our way back through, and at the T made a right. Is it common knowledge that Hamhock is a Shaman? Mmm. Well, that’s that then. We did get 3 out of our 4 quests completed and it was fun. Itarilda did a great job of keeping me alive and I think I did a pretty good job of keeping all the bad guys off her.

Leaving the Stockades and reporting back to Warden Thelwater, we both gained a level. I was now 30 and she 32. Time for training and then some R&R.

Getting to Exalted+ with Frostwolf (see below) concluded with a nice win for the Horde.
I do love it when someone actually takes charge. One of the last games, in the silence of the cave, I sent to raid chat “Silence until they take they Relief Hut, and bitching till we lose.” It remained pretty much quiet until they took the Relief Hut and bitching till we lost. “Worst game ever,” someone said towards the end. GG Battlegroup 7.

But yesterday somebody was suggesting strategies. And when I saw a few turn left at Iceblood Graveyard, and head towards the Garrison, I joined them. I’d never been to the Garrison and that was the first time I saw Captain Galvangar. We were actually going to defend it. But, frankly, how often do the Alliance defend Balinda?

So now there’s eight of us in the Garrison, waiting the inevitable approach from Snowfall on the other side of the Field of Strife. And here they came. Like chickens to the stewpot. This went on for a little bit and then quieted down. I went east again to Iceblood Tower and climbed it. Alliance bunkers are much different from Horde Towers. Was it me or were there simply fewer archers defending here? Up next to one of our archers I take a Frostbolt. Hmmm. So I walk to the back and then begin a descent. I hear fighting below. Hmmm. So I fire up a Lightning Shield, put up a Windfury buff on my Unstoppable Force, and drop into a furball. Crikey! (to honor Steve) but there were a bunch of them. Red names. Alliance. I don’t last long at all. So that’s that then.

I resurrect at Iceblood and make my way north again. Stonehearth bunker, garrison, and graveyard are all taken. Progress!

Someone says “Need Healer and more DPS for Bal”. That just happened to be right where I was. I swing left and dismount next to him. He charges the gnome captain at the door. I keep him healed and a mage joins in. The gnome drops as I run out of mana. (Sheesh. Shamans.) So we move in, we’re five now. And Balinda is easy enough.

As we ride out I see our frontline has been doing well. Moving up the road to Stormpike Graveyard. This is usually where we get bogged down. Not this time. Our steamroller has kept rolling. Stormpike itself was lightly defended, but never abandoned. We were literally fighting Alliance, two or three at a time, around the flag, while we killed Marshall’s, and through the killing of Vannadar himself. That final battle I was just running around the room targetting hoping to catch an Alliance player. And there were a few regular die-hards. Thanks for the HK’s, ding! Horde Wins!, and good night.


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  1. Hexapuma says:

    The stockades… brings sweet memories. Duoed it recently with my wife (2x paladins). As long as you progress slow and get the runners it is not too hard. The endboss can be quite difficult though.

  2. Doeg says:

    Duo-ing an instance is fun and challenging. In my experience, laxity can accompany numbers.

    My most challenging duo run was SM Library with a 35 mage that needed the book for the mage quest, and my 41 warrior. We cleared to the courtyard, cleared to the exit (skipped the boss room), and cleared to the last wide hall before the bend where the book is. Then with the book in sight we wiped because of a runner 😦 As a duo we had to clear so slowly that the instance respawned, so we decided to come back later with a group.

    It was really a good test of skills to have to take on 2-3 elite ~37 self-healing mobs. It worked really well; really boiling down to a minimalist “party” with the warrior holding aggro / controlling runners (hamstring), the mage dealing damage, and each of us using healing pots as our self-managed “healer”.

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