Consolidated on a good server: Medium population, more RP, less 1337, active Battlegrounds, all my characters.

Darkhoof retired from Smolderthorn and has been resurrected as Blackhoof of Kirin Tor, 60 Tauren Shaman. Blackhoof is quite pleased that twice the number of alliance versus horde means the battlegrounds are as busy as ever. Too, horde tend to win most bg’s. And, shocking, he actually gets invited in BG raids. (On Smolderthorn in AB and WSG nobody ever invited anyone and folks just lose, and they were always losing, on their own.)

Oddity also retired from Smolderthorn and has been resurrected as Msaker of Kirin Tor, 45 Orc Warrior.

Msaker is joined by Droonda, my wife, a 37 Orc Shaman. Their friend Nachmahd, 46 Tauren Shaman, greeted their arrival.

It’s been a good transfer over. I have my characters, my wife, and a friend and co-addict, all with me on the same server. Each of us have multiple level 30 characters here. Droonda is my wife’s character closest to level 40 and her mount. I have four characters with mounts, one level 60. Morticai (36 Forsaken Warrior) and Greenclaw (36 Night Elf Druid) are close to their mounts too.

It’s really really good having a built in support network and close friends close by.


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  1. Saylah says:

    Are you noting any big difference being on an RP server? Sorry, I don’t recall if you moved from RP to RP. I’ve often thought of moving one of my characters to RP to see if there’s a difference in the level of immersion.

  2. Ric says:

    I’m also on Kirin Tor. I followed friends who moved off of Alleria.

    Kirin Tor isn’t perfect, but it’s less of most of the behavior that was starting to turn me off about the game.

    Folks can usually RP as much or as little as they please. There are some who maybe don’t quite get what RP means, but at least try, and there will always be those who are vehemently (and often vocally) opposed to ANY sort of RP — this on an RP server, go figure.

    Whatever. I like being on Kirin Tor, and it helps immensely that my friends are there, as Kinless mentioned about the support and all.

  3. Kinless says:

    I left a PvP server. I had the world-gankings on the one hand to contend with and my friends happily playing on the other. It was an easy switch for me. I at last journeyed to Cenarian Hold and just stood there reading quest text. Just stood there. Wasn’t shot at or anything. My friend just knocked out some quests in Stranglethorn Vale, and the other night the wife and I explored. It was all new for her. 🙂 A big difference.

    The people are pretty much the same. I played horde on one PvP server and I noted a bit more maturity there than on the Alliance side on an earlier PvP server. Less emphasis on duelling, more on questing and progression.

    More immersion on an RP server? I’m afraid I’d have to say very little is added by the RP tag. Better names though, and yes, that does help a bit.

    I don’t regret the move over, though it’s Monday, tomorrow is the rankings day, and Battlegrounds were totally a bust. Over 2 hours wait to get into AV and then it’s 15 to 5 and it times out. The Arathi Basins were 15 to 5 or so (a pattern??) and the Alliance side were very deadly. Last week I played my best matches in AB. Tonight the worst.

    But, me, my wife, and our friend are going places in this game now, and together. 🙂

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