Iodized Salt.

Had a fun weekend. (Except for the moving in part, and taking loads of stuff down to the garage and basement that perhaps I don’t need to own at all anymore.)

Got back to Alterac Valley with Darkhoof and conclude the week, so far, with 952 Honor Kills and some 20,000 Honor. It’s so easy to get the kills and honor in AV. Last match I got 400+ HKs. And, an added bonus, every AV I’ve played to conlusion ends with a Horde victory. (And I’ve been studying up on it and have a better idea what the goals are.)

With the wife now connected the two us returned to Azeroth. Freewind (26 NE Warrior, Arms) and Itarilde (28 NE Druid, Feline Swiftness + Resto) went to Duskwood and began the quests there. This was her first time there, ever, and she liked it. “Like a spooky Elwynn,” she said. Of course, isn’t it almost mandatory, that wandering elite skeleton guy bumped into us and we had to run for our lives at one point. She faery fired him and that was the end of her story. So between the two of us I tried to tell her that, basically, I need to hit stuff first, and hardest, and she can kick in with her attacks afterward. “What am I supposed to do? Just stand there??” “Of course not. Just let me get them to hate *me*. Then you can join in.” We get into our groove. Kill some Worgen, kill lots of Skeletons and Ghouls. (We make the run from Catacomb crypts through tunnel into the Ghoul Cemetery.)

Later that evening our friend Nachmahd (45 Tauren Shaman, Enh) comes on and can help us out. This is when Zauberin (Forsaken 31 Mage, Arcane) and Morticai (Forsaken, 35 Warrior, Fury) come on and head to Hillsbrad. We assault Don Boragh (or whatever that elite dwarven place is called) and kill a Capt. Underhill. But Nachmahd, irl, had been helping another friend with his kitchen installation, :), and logs off early. And Kathleen is tired too, so that concludes our questing together.

Morticai returns to Ogrimmar and looks in his bags. 2 Warsong Gulch token markers. 3 for a turn-in, and it’s Warsong Gulch weekend. Auspicious.

So I sign-up for WSG. I figure as long as I can get 25 HK’s, win or lose, I’m good for at least a turn-in. WSG pops and I get invited to a group. Being level 35 I’m kind of mid-level. But I can Rend Rogues and Hamstring Carriers, so I can provide some benefit to the raid. And, boy, do I hate Gnome Rogues. So sneaky. Such snakes. So I pay special attention to them. At one point a 39 Rogue comes into our base, and as he and a Paladin take me on, and down, he actually does the “/chicken” move to me. He dies many more times afterwards, at my hands. Oh yes, we win. I’m shocked. And the raid signs-up again and we are almost immediately back in. And we win again. And again back in, and yet another win. Four wins in a row and it’s nearly midnight so I bow out. What a blast. Morticai is Fury, as I’ve mentioned, and Dual Wielding, and he has two 1.5 second Long Swords in his hands. Of the Tiger, and Of the Bear. And I found that if I have a good buckler in one hand, and one of those swords in the other, I’ve got that much more armor and I’m still making dents. (A Fury Warrior becomes what amounts to a Rogue in Plate Armor. Pre-MC days we had a Warrior who would regularly out DPS most of the other classes in our raids in UBRS and such.)

But I’m not quite ready to sleep. Darkhoof logs on. He’s got 945 kills in the week. Can I break 1,000? I sign up for Arathi Basin and Warsong Gulch. WSG pops. I ask if they’re inviting and get into a 5-man raid. We do pretty good. We actually have 2 flag captures. But the alliance are hitting pretty damn hard. But I’m in my 8/8 Earthfury + Staff of Dominance. I’ve got the extended reach on my lightning bolts. Witnessing a battle up in the Alliance Graveyard I approach. I target someone, let a bolt fly, and peg him. Kek. The party leader says let’s get the flag. I move towards the base and find myself above the flag. No defenders. No party members. Why not? So I hop down, grab the flag, and head out. At the entrance I change to Ghostwolf form and start the run back. Where are the enemy?? I encounter nobody, I even have an escort. I run up into our base and look down at our flag. Present, and guarded. I hop down and cap it. Horde wins. Again. When it rains, it pours.

Maybe tonight I can break 1,000 kills before the weekly update.

As an aside, you might ask why my sudden interest in Battlegrounds? Since I’m not able to raid end-game anymore, what other venue do I have for loot upgrades? I’m wearing full Molten Core gear. Where do I go for upgrades?

Actually, I forgot about this, but I joined Requiem in their ZulGurub raid on Saturday. We didn’t get very far in. We killed the Snake Boss, but with only one Priest taking on the Bat boss proved too tough. Anyway, the Snake Boss dropped the Seal of Zanjil. (Some caster ring, blue quality.) I asked if I could roll on it. (Since I’m Elemental now I can use some caster gear.) I was told, in vent, that it would be “bad form” for me to roll on any gear. This was for Requiem people to gear up. I was already geared up. I was being greedy. Sigh. Yes, I see the point. Apologies. But my trip to ZG got me 6g in repairs. And if I’m not going to be able to roll on anything I might be able to use… what would be the point in my going? A steady outflow in repair bills? I suppose the /greeded coin drops (I think I got one coin) could be sold and that would somewhat make up for the repairs. The Zandalarian Hero Charm? Now that would be nice. But… I’m going to get to go on a Hakkar kill? And be allowed to roll on the heart? No time soon.

So, I could raid ZG with lesser geared folks, helping them gear up towards Molten Core, for nothing personally and no gain, or do Battlegrounds, where I have little durability loss, I can earn a little cash looting corpses, and I’m earning rep towards some gear.

P.S. Cleared out my bank some by selling some of the herbs I’d stored up. (I needed the space to hold all my Enhancement gear. Not using it at the moment.) I think I put up for auction 10 or 12 stacks of 20 of various herbs. I’d let Auctioneer scan the market first and then just put the stuff up for sale at the recommended buy out cost. I made 60g. Sixty Gold!! (That’s 2/3 of a basic mount. On some herbs!) Wow! That’s just absolutely lucrative. So while Darkhoof was waiting for a BG to pop last night he headed out, in Ghostwolf form, and gathered herbs in Durotar and into the Barrens. I used to fish outside the entrance. Now I’m going to gather herbs. Might even set the hearthstone to someplace within easy flight of Orgrimmar but closer to the plantlife. (And one of the BG rewards is a set of boots with 15% faster run speed in Ghostwolf form. Woot!)


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  1. Relmstein says:

    There’s not really too many upgrades for you in ZG if you have a full set of MC gear. There’s an epic caster ring that randomly comes off the high priests and a staff off Jindo the Hexxar but thats about it.

    Your best is to try to get into raids going to AQ20. The upgraded spells that drop from there are class specific and there is usually less competition for them then normal items.

  2. Kinless says:

    True enough.

    It remains surprising to me how darn difficult ZG is in comparison to the rewards.

    And AQ20 does have some rewards.

    The Healing Wave X would be nice, because I heal often enough. However I’m typically using the faster and usually more mana efficient Lesser Healing Wave. An upgrade to just Healing Wave isn’t that great for me.

    The other two spell upgrade drops in AQ20 are totem buffs for +Agi and +Str. Since I’m not in much of a supporting role anymore, nor Enhancement, neither do me any good. A +Spell Damage totem would be excellent though! Blizzard: How about a “Power of the Elements Totem” that provides +Spell Damage. The Elemental Shaman community would “love you long time” for such a gift.

  3. Relmstein says:

    ZG bosses are a lot harder then what you will find in MC. The Tiger and Panther boss are especially annoying and require great teamwork. The loot itself used to suck until they upgraded it however a lot of it is still stuck behind huge faction grinds.

    You got to love how Blizzard had this philosophy to screw smaller raids. Luckily it looks like someone smacked Jeff Kaplan upside the head and the expansion won’t penalize smaller raids/guilds like the current 20man dungeons do.

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