“You’re an addict.”

That’s what my friend tells me with an in-game /whisper last night.

See, Friday and Saturday we went over to his house, Kathleen and I, for BBQ, and some Irish Pub, and then some Warcraft.

Last night I figured I’d just hop on the streetcar into downtown and try the internet cafe again. It was like a steamroom. After 9 and the temperature in there had to have been in the upper 80’s. This is where you begin to sweat just sitting still. There is absolutely no relief to be had anywhere in this heat and in this country. Thank God for the portable air-conditioner we have set up in the bedroom. 23C FTW!

Anyway, I thought it was a little ironic getting a /whisper about my addiction.


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  1. Saylah says:

    I must have lucked out. I spent a month in Frankfurt a few summers ago on a consulting gig. It wasn’t very hot at all. But I did note that my hotel didn’t have an air conditioner and this was no dump. I keep the windows open after work and there was always a breeze. I was told that it was usually hotter at that time of year.

    I used to get embarrassed when I logged on the game late at nite, on the weekend or a holiday. Felt like, darn I’m such a dork. But then I realized that anyone who I was worried about seeing me online or judgeing me, was sitting in the game beside me, so why feel bad. 🙂 Eh, we all have our vices and this is certainly less harmful than lots of other things.

  2. Relmstein says:

    Playing a MMO is no more addicting then playing a popular sport in high school.

    Practices/Grinding usually run about 3 times a week for about 4 hours each.

    Your coach/guildleader yells and screams to get his team/guild working together.

    On the weekend is the big game/raid where you get major satisfaction for winning that nice trophy/loot.

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