Blood Elf Paladins and Draenei Shaman

At first I thought “WTF?!”

At the second glance I thought “They can’t do that.”

Now I’m psyched.

A Draenei Shaman. And a Blood Elf Paladin. I like it.

See, the original lore for “The Broken” the not-totally-corrupted Draenei indicated shamanic roots. Now Blizzard had said “The Alliance will NEVER have Shamans.” So, of course, when the news came of the Draenei joining the Alliance, people said “The lore doesn’t work.” Now it does.

Blood Elf Paladins? Weaker. BUT in their pursuit of magic, ANY MAGIC, to further their cause, why not that of the Light? Do the Priests not learn Shadow Magic in the Cathedral? The “Light” is not “Good” and “Shadow” is not “Evil”. Forsaken and Human Priests both use both forms to further their causes.

I guess the only question is why the Blood Elves are forsaking the magic of nature? (I.e. no Shaman magic.)

What I’d like to see, though, is race specific totems. The totems as we have them now are very Tauren influenced. Troll totems should be more voodoo and Orc totems should be more rock. Draenei totems should also have a unique look.

I’m psyched.


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