Why is that Shaman in MC gear beating up on piglets outside of Orgrimmar?

Ah, he must have respecced.

In anticipation of a move overseas I’m making a few adjustments in playstyle. Since we started raiding, since about October of last year, I’ve been Restoration specced. 0 in Elemental, 11 in Enhancement for the 2-Handed Axes and Maces, and 40 in Restoration, giving me the best in healing and the raid-important Mana Tide Totem.

And I heal real well. Only +350 Healing now but I still manage to top the healing charts raid after raid. It’s not even *if* I am going to top the healing chart on a raid. I do, every raid. Granted I’m not decursing like the Priests are, but I hold my own really well against Benediction equipped Priests. It makes me feel like I’m contributing to the raid so I knocked myself out healing.

The other night we 5-manned Live Strat. I was the only one healing. I never dropped Mana Tide Totem once.

But, lord knows, I couldn’t melee worth a dang with that build. And if I am going to be 6 hours ahead of server time my days of steady raiding with my guild are over.

So, last night I redid my talents. 0 in Elemental since I’m really not much of a caster type. 28 in Enhancement taking Flurry, Parry, Improved Windfury, and Improved Rockbiter. 23 in Restoration getting me Nature’s Swiftness (and an insta-heal every 5 minutes), Improved Ghostwolf (to help me skidaddle), and the reincarnation every 40 minutes (instead of 60) talent.

Before I could work on maces the guild went to AQ40. Happily, I’m on top of the healing chart again. HOWEVER! I ran out of mana slightly more quickly it seemed (though geared in my MC healing gear) and no means of getting it back. (And those winged things suck mana out of you anyway, so hardly a good test.) The real test on how this impacted my healing will be our weekly MC raid. I suspect I’ll come down some on the chart, but I’m shooting for the #1 spot nonetheless. (That’s my goal.)

Anyway, after we left AQ40 I returned to Orgrimmar and began beating up on stuff to get the Mace skill up. (The Doomulus Prime I got as a quest reward at the Hold.) Ona, a shaman guildie msg’d me “RFC ya noob.” Oh, yeah. “Good idea!” So I took my mace through Ragefire Chasm getting the skill up to 220 or so. If RFC is good, how would the Wailing Caverns be? With my Zulian Stone Axe I got my 2-H axes skill up to 230 or so, and my 2-H maces skill up to 260.

When Flurry procs, and your hands go red, and you get this real satisfactory THACK and the thing just drops like a sack of potatos. Sweet. I was playing around with Rockbiter buff (first time in ages!!) and got some record crits, and with Windfury (444+1002+1024 in a single swing!) and I ran through WC wacking every boss, killing the dinosaur, and then rescuing, again, that sleeping druid guy, I was walking tall.

Oh,I’ve run people through WC in Resto spec, but it took a few more swings to kill things. With this build I’m one-shotting Druids of the Fang really often. (I also collected the leggings and chest armor of the Fang. I might farm WC and complete the set. For grins.)

Anyway, that’s why I, a MC geared Shaman, was seen outside of Orgrimmar last night, wacking on piglets. Every time I respec my 2-H Axes and 2-H Maces skill is dropped back to 1.

And those piglets? Don’t worry, they’re okay. I checked on them later and they were all back snuffling about in the dirt. I left before visions of a BLT overwhelmed me again.


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