Not bad. Not bad at all.

Took a bit of a vacation. Down Florida way. Beachside condo place. Small. No elite Sharks patrolling off shore. No murlocs even. Just some porpoises out there. Seemed so … safe.

Came back to find the new iteration of my guild downed Ragnaros. Twice! In a week! Wow. Not bad at all. That little shake up. A new guild name. A couple new faces, and wham, bam, we’re doing stuff we’ve never done. Our first and second Ragnaros take-downs.

Last night I joined them again and we raided Onyxia. She’s been giving us a few problems. We in fact had a new Warrior tanking for us. (“All those dots are driving me crazy! They keep bumping good debuffs off her.” “The Warlocks are singing your praises in the Warlock Channel.” 🙂 Change isn’t bad.) Onyxia went down in 15 minutes. It’s been a while since I was there and they downed her. Maybe Blizzard toned her down a bit too?

Then, on the heals of that success, before we’d even left her lair, I made plans for AQ20. I needed to collect a little venom off Kurinaxx. Last two times we went, he’d been really tough. Last night, Onyxia went down, then Kurinaxx went down. I got my venom, and turned it in along with Venox’s, and collected my new 2-H Mace. Yowza. What more could we do?

We then arranged a 5-man group to Live Strat. 2 Shamans (I healing, the other melee and backup), 2 Mages (more sheep than an Arab wedding), and a warrior. Woot. Got the Archivist (and completing that quest for me), we got 3 Righteous Orbs, some odds and ends, and the other Shaman got the Crown of Tyranny he was after. That took like an hour. So easy in MC gear.

And Sunday Oddity took Droonda, his wife, to the Scarlet Monastery. She and another Shaman, Me, a Mage, and a Hunter. The other Shaman was off-tanking and meleeing, and Droonda, my wife, was playing the healer. She 35, the rest of us 40+. (Highest was the Hunter at 44.) I was pretty proud of her when the Shaman remarked “At least she’s not a noob.” Meaning she was playing real well. (It got slightly frantic a few times, nothing bad.) We cleared every part of SM, got all the bosses, collected all the books. We did good.

And I suspect my level 16 Night Elf Huntress has gained another PvP rank. (80 HK’s in one WSG on the Saturday I got back. And then a few more runs. Hunters are fun.)

It’s all good. Who needs an expansion to enjoy this game well after a year play time?!


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