Tell me why? I don’t like Tuesdays. Tell me why? I don’t like Tuesdays. Tell me why? I don’t like Tuesdays. I want to shoot the whole day down. Down, down, shoot it all down.

Silicon chips inside their servers got switched to overload…

To borrow from the Boomtown Rats.

Yes, it was patch day. Patched to 1.10. Woo hoo! Well. My level 24 Priest will get to respend her talents, but no big deal. My Shaman gets nerfed some in that he can no longer airwalk with his sentry totems.

I was looking forward to logging onto my Paladin (Daltaville, husband of my wifes Paladin, Sichelgaita. But of course.) and spending the time in Elwynn fixing my add-ons, and watching a rain event with any luck.

And so I paid bills, trolled the guild’s forums, downloaded Planetside: Reserves (see the Van Hemlock link for the details), and actually got to fire that up and get killed a few times before I went to sleep.

I have Civ IV and actually started two games. It’s just not the same. I lasted five minutes before I checked to see if the servers were up.

I wanted to lay the smack down on those whiskered kobolds in the Jasperload Mine! I want to see my Druid dance in cat form. I really wanted to get my add-ons fixed/resolved before Molten Core tonight.

And the silicon chips inside their servers
Got switched to overload
Oh, and nobody’s goin’ to go to Elwynn today
They’re going to make them stay at home
And the gamers don’t understand it
Blizzard was always as good as gold
And they can see no reason
‘Cause there was no reason
And what reason do they need to be shown?

Tell me why – I don’t like Patch Days


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