“Prophet up in ten.” Here’s a slight grind in the making.

Last night Darkhoof travelled down to Silithus in support of the Cenarian Hold’s efforts to fight the Qiraji. Commander Mar’alith, a Night Elf of some stature, has word of some problems, and he’s also lost his wife.

I traveled south to Bronzebeard’s Encampment and acquired a few more quests.

And the war is non-stop with the various hives surrounding the Cenarian Hold. My log is full of Combat and Tactical quests to do in these hives.

So I ride out and catch up with the group. They are familiar with the terrain and the quests and we set right out to the first hive. As we move into the hive one of them says, in vent, “Prophet up in ten.” “We’ve got time for this,” says the other and indeed we do. I have gotten the Silithid hive brain for the hive, and have gotten the glyph rubbing, and even spoke with the Night Elf scout hidden in the hive. But we ride out, like our hair was on fire, in search of the prophet. She is found, killed, and the pages of text distributed between us. To the next hive we ride. As we enter another report on the Prophet. Basically, as we quested, I rather, they were helping me get to The Calling, they monitored the Prophets spawn time. In other words we were killing the Prophet and taking care of what business we could waiting for her to respawn. Why? Cenarian Hold reputation and the nice rewards therefrom. Eventually I got all the glyph rubbings, a hive brian from each hive, and we found, and unfortunately needed to kill, Mar’alith’s wife.

(Funny aside. When I found the Regal Hive glyph I spotted an Alliance Night Elf Priest sitting next to the glyph. I hoped she was afk, but she seemed to be in a safe spot, not aggroing the Silithids. So I ran up to take the rubbing. Alas, that was no Alliance Night Elf Priest, but Natalia herself. We wiped and spirit rezzed in The Barrens!!! Once we got back we were unflagged. Those hives are special zones unto themselves.)

Darkhoof turned the quests in and we kept at the Prophet spawns for a little bit longer. We hit the Prophet, took her texts, and rode up to kill Vyral, another quest I had. With that done we rode back down and killed the Prophet again. Here’s a new use for the Core Hound timers we only needed for a couple weeks.

Camping the Spawn until we’re Exalted. Pray the Outlands aren’t delayed too much!!!


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