Zul’Gurub. Like the first time, but better.

The guild journeyed across the continent to Grom’Gol last night.

As any traveller or adventurer knows, this is the Horde outpost in the steamy jungles of Stranglethorn Vale. A Zeppelin Flight from both Orgrimmar and the Undercity. Jumping off point for forays into the dark woods of Duskwood and dusty Redridge. Base camp of adventurers seeking fame and fortune in the jungle itself. Nesingwary’s Camp being, of course, not an option on a PvP server.

We equipped ourselves, repaired our gear, created our party, fought several duels as Santa’s Helpers, and then set out for Zul’Gurub, the old Troll city to the northwest.

Our team make-up was a little different than usual. Our usual leader, Omaran, a protection specc’d warrior passed the baton for this trip to Mannos, who in equipment is a near clone of Omaran. And in leadership equalled him as well. Our targets were all arranged for us by him, and with five mages in tow we controlled each of the fights. And each of the three bosses went down so quick we were amazed.

If anyone has fought the Bat Lady, she’s got some tricks up her sleeves, but if you know about them, they’re easy to overcome. Her bat squads were easy enough to handle. The mages were reserved for that and I was set up to heal them. When they weren’t attacking her with their wands they were AoEing bats with their arcane spells. Soon enough she took on her Troll form. When she attempts to heal herself we hit her with shield bashes and Earthshocks. When the fire bats come you simply make sure you stay out of the napalm. Some odd pieces of loot dropped, of which, the Primalists Band, was not to be won by me.

The Snake Guy, he was even easier. So many snakes quickly becomes so many sheep. Poison cleansing totems serve to keep partymates free of it’s effects, and those that aren’t so cleansed are cured by shaman and druid magic. Longer battles will find the Snake Guy making several clouds of lethal poison. We took him down so quick he only had time to make one.

Our last boss for the night was the Raptor Guy. The Trolls that one encounters on the way back into his encampment include a particularly viscous sort. The Blooddrinkers. Typically in our earlier runs, the Blooddrinkers were mercilessly sheeped and when they were the last to remain, they were held at a distance from the rest of us and quietly killed. Our crowd control in this particular battle was not as good as we had been and we found these Blooddrinkers walking in our ranks. However they did not damage us as they might have and this was nothing serious.

The Raptor Guy is a tough fight. He has no magic to speak of, and he doesn’t heal himself. What is amusing is he will level up with each death he causes. Catch him on a good day and he’ll talk trash like the best of the gnome rogues. I believe I’ve heard him even exclaim “Woot!” once.

In fact, in this little fight, he did manage to kill a few of us, so he had the advantage of some increase in power. But, in the end, and with our experience in tackling him, he too met the same fate as the other two. Dead and looted. Woot.

Zepplin out, astral recall home. Darkhoof repaired his gear, sold the few odds and ends he’d come across, deposited the herbs into the bank, and logged for the night.


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