Saturday Night. Garr.

Garr downed and all my DKP spent, but the Earthfury Helm is mine. Sweet.

Entering Blackrock Spire we were decidedly please with how quiet it was. A full 3 hours earlier than our usual raiding time. This time it was us that camped the entrance to Molten Core while our guildmates showed up by riding in from Kargath or being summoned in by Warlock. We did dispatch the odd Alliance character or two that ventured past us. That’s just small revenge for the numerous attacks on us via Mind Controlling us into the lava. (A PvP death does not hurt the durability of one’s equipment. Being Mind Controlled into the lava and having the environment kill you, that will cause a durability hit. A nasty tactic. We do not employ that though. Our Priests are healers, not psychos. Mere Earthbind Totems, Frostshocks, and Ambushes for us. Clean deaths without durability loss on our enemies equipment. Strength and honor.)

This was a good run up to Garr. Having already downed Lucifron, Magmadar, and Gehennas, the infamous “trash mobs” were noticeably fewer in number. We cleaned those up easily, and we had five Warlocks as we took on Garr. Once you get the swing of a battle, get the rythym down, it goes rather easily.

For the Baron, let’s say we’re still out-of-tune on that one. 🙂

Oh, and for those wondering how well a Shaman might heal:


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2 Responses to

  1. Psyae says:

    What’s that recap mod?

  2. Kinless says:

    Yep. Recap. I love it for knowing how well I’m doing. If I’m in the top five on a 15-man raid, whether I’m meleeing, or I’m healing, I know I doing something right. This just lets me ascertain how well I’m doing.

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