Keyed for Onyxia.

That was easy enough. After running around that long quest chain, killing Dragons across the world, the final run is simply another trip to UBRS and meeting with General Drakkisath.

Our 15-man raid formed very quickly but I decided to wait for more to show up in Kargath before setting out. Sometimes the Uber-guilds camp the entrances and they are in their with Rogues and Priests and Paladins. And they aren’t there seeking hand-outs. And, as we can, we reply in kind.

Anyway, half the raid is in Kargath, and the rest? Already there.

We set out across the Badlands to Blackrock Spire and encountered no Alliance Scum. Easy enough. Through the gates, up the chain, around the rock and a quick jump to the terrace.

AHA! Alliance. Widdle biddy Alliance. A few met their demise. And then a famously despised Alliance Druid appeared. She was dispatched to whatever animal stall in heaven will have her.

And so we entered the instance. The place was strangely quiet. The roving bands of Orcs that usually greet us, gone. What’s going on? I move into the hallway, and up the stairs and find more empty rooms. About this time the wise men say “WTH?” Aha! The other half of the party beat us here and had already cleared the first two areas. Nice.

And we played a catch-up game with these the entire run. Through to Drakkisith, downing Rend and The Beast on the way, we were relentless. Few deaths, and when all was said and done, one of our Priests got his shoulders, and one of the Rogues got his Vest. I got the Tooth of Gnarr which has nice +Int and +Spi. And of course I got some blood off the General.

We portalled to Orgrimmar and I made my way back to Desolace where I spoke with Rexxar one last time. A Drakefire Amulet, and the key to journey to Onyxia’s lair, was at last mine.

(And it seems two of our Warriors have a tome called Foror’s Compendium. Some sword they’ll be able to craft in the hot blood of Onyxia it seems. Where’s the love for the Shammy’s? Where’s our Quelserra?)


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  1. Josh says:

    I just hit 53 last night, so I’m going to start my Onyxia attunement ASAP (Burning Steppes/BRD part).

    I wanted to write you an e-mail, but I couldn’t find your address – I apologise if this is spam, but I’d appreciate your feedback on my new WoW blog:

    My girlfriend and I believe we have an interesting bent – being that we’re a couple that has to handle day-to-day stuff (cooking/cleaning/etc) as well as playing WoW together. If you like what you read, would you mind adding a link and dropping us a line for some feedback?

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