Darkhoof goes to MC.

It’s another week and Molten Core time again.

It’s started excellent. We really have a handle on the mobs everywhere. All the way to Lucifron without too many dying. And Lucifron, downed without a single death. We rock.

Then we turned our attention to Magmadar. We took him down the 2nd time we through ourselves at him.

After posing for a picture we stripped and ran for the exit. We lasted 10 seconds. We then left our bodies to appear at the cemetery. The guild ran back in their underwear to the instance entrance.

We reentered and reequipped ourselves. We then moved on to Gehennas. We know how to handle him and we took him down with only a couple dead.

We then moved on to tackle Garr. However we did not have the warlocks we felt we needed, to do the banishes, and that attempt did not go as well as our first.

No loot dropped for Hoofie this trip. But he was #2 in healing again so that was good.


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