Ah. Darkshore. It feels like home.

Nightsown and Moonlily continued their questing in Darkshore. Tonight visiting the ruins of Ameth’Aran and other sites now lost to the Elves. Killing high-born spirits, a wandering love lost, and bears and sabers beyond count.

We had quite the synergistic experience, Moonlily and I, as we quested.

I, the warrior, would charge foe after foe. This served to stun the hapless opponent for a brief bit of time. Enough for me to inflict a cutting rend. If this were the type that chose to flee the field, plainstriders for example, a quick hamstring would follow to help secure their proximity to me. And the ever more the battle raged I would then attempt mortal strikes that did extra punishing damage. And should I battle an agile foe I’d be given the opportunity to land an overpowering blow as well. Even like-levelled foes went down so quick I sometimes needed to wait a bit before I could charge the next one. At this stage in a Warrior’s career, it’s about damage output. Nightsown, with massive two-handed Cold Iron Pick, complies.

But, without Moonlily, I’d be half the man I am. In her experiences elsewhere she’s learned how priests support warriors and Nightsown was shortly to benefit from her wisdom now. Before I charge, on the meaner beasts, she’d shield me. AH HA! I charged forward in a bubble of immunity and lay a hurting down on anything that stood in our way. Before the bubble fades the hapless opponent is already wracked with shadow word: pain. (My priestess, my disciple of Elune, will hurt you if she must.) And as I did my thing she kept me healed and we walked the Valley of Death and we feared not.

Bears to the of left me, sabers to the right, there I was stuck in the middle with a plainstrider, and, Hooah, we beat them down.

How wonderful life is, when she’s in the world.

Nightsown dinged 16 and shortly thereafter Moonlily dinged 16 and we headed back to Darnassus from some training and the comforts of an inn with decent beds and indoor plumbing.

Moonlily and I are founders of Ysera’s Flight, a guild on Emerald Dream. If you’re looking for a small guild of mature players, send Nightsown or Moonlily a tell if you see them.

Oddity managed to gain another PvP rank. He is now Grunt Oddity. As you know the plan is for him to remain doing Warsong Gulches until he hits level 30 there.

Darkhoof went to UBRS last night. Part of a 15-man pick-up group. There were some 5 guildmates there, and one uber-equipped Rogue from one of Smolderthorn’s new uber-guilds. The only thing green in his equipment was his [skin]. The only things blue, an odd trinket or ring. The rest was majestically epic purple [gear]. He was with a less well equipped female orc warrior who was obviously a member of an alt-guild of the uber-guild. Sadly though lady luck was not with her and she did not win any prize of note. She was to secure Rend’s Head though so that was an accomplishment. Too, my warrior guildmate had managed to be disconnected just before we battled in the Arena there. When Rend dropped the Valor Shoulders another guildmate warrior managed to win them, but I know he was hugely disappointed. I tell this tale about this being a pick-up group because we went against Rend with 3 people disconnected. Nobody was using vent. We had 4 or 5 guilds present. One priest, one mage, two Warlocks, and, I guess, epic spirit. Rend went down so easily. – Lesson is pick-up groups ARE viable in this game, even in the raid-instances. We certainly were in no position to take on General Drakkisath but we did well. That far in and you have opportunities for set-piece gloves and shoulders to drop. And the belt and bracers can drop at any time.


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