Tonight we have reports from Smolderthorn and Emerald Dream.

Report from Smolderthorn:

My level 29 Orc, Oddity, spent almost an hour waiting for Warsong Gulch to open up for him. He spent the time gathering a little ore and boar meat outside of Orgrimmar’s gates.

He did finally get in. On asking to be invited to a group, and being so, he, like the rest, charged out to battle the moment the gates opened.

And like most matches the horde appeared to effortlessly control the battle. There were no tactics involved. The only /raid chat was the “Grats” at the end of the match. There are those who know what they are doing, and there are those who know “Orc intercept. Orc smash. Orc recover stolen flag.” And that’s enough it seems.

With Oddity having more kills than deaths, the top 8 players for the match were all Horde. Oddity included.

I started Oddity in Warsong Gulch as soon as he dinged level 29. He will stay there until he dings 30. He should make Sergeant in doing so. “For the Horde!”

About his name. See, Orcs aren’t native to Azeroth. The come from a planet called Draenor. They’re alien’s here. Green, tusked, curdled mind, Space Oddity.

Report from Emerald Dream:

Nightsown, my Night Elf Warrior, and Moonlily, his Night Elf Priest companion (and real life wife) concluded the last of their quests on the Tree, and then journeyed to Darkshore.

We are both level 14 given the little bit of time we’d spent in Elwynn Forest over in the Human’s lands. Nightsown enjoys the sunny, dusty, environment of Westfall, but Moonlily is Elf through and through and prefers the music and the trees of our native lands.
I created Ysera’s Flight, a guild of our own. Members include Moonlily and Gretta, a Gnome Warlock, my wifes characters, and Dreamrunner, a Night Elf Druid of mine. Our real life friend, who joins us all the way from Heidelberg, Germany, plays Nachmahd, another Night Elf Druid and has joined us in Ysera’s Flight. (And tonight the Flight invited Spyridon to the guild. A level 5 Druid (who is a level 60 Paladin over on Argent Dawn!).)

The three of us have Paladins in a guild called Righteous Arms. Nachruf, Durilda, and Bohemond.

In Coldridge Valley a young gnome graduated and began his adventure in the real, and cold, world. Garbanzo, level 5 Mage.

Garbanzo will have to play a little catch-up to get to Gretta’s side, a level 15 Gnome Warlock.


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