WoW 2.0

It’s amazing the changes wrought.  From the towns to the surroundings to the mounts.

Imagine my surprise when I realized my less played Draenei Paladin now has an Elekk as his Paladin mount to ride.  One which is much, MUCH, better looking that a common Elekk.  (And certainly more appropriate than sticking him on a horse.)

I’ve briefly peeked in on some of the beginning areas and the wife and I have rode to some older places we knew very well that are forever changed.  Darkshore to name one place. Azshara to name another.

Wow.  This is one heckuva change.

4.0.3a *is* the next World of Warcraft game.  (The changes feel far greater, and appear everywhere, than previous expansions have brought.)

Msaker in his old armor in the new Orgrimmar.

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Armistice Day

Also known as Veteran’s Day in the U.S. and Remembrance Day in the U.K. and commemorating the armistice signed between the Allies of World War I and Germany at Compiègne, France, for the cessation of hostilities on the Western Front, which took effect at eleven o’clock in the morning—the “eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month” of 1918.

Remember the fallen who have served.

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Curse you, RNG

My first Oracles egg netted my Orc Warrior a green proto-drake. I’m not sure which egg thereafter netted my Human Paladin one. So far my Hunter, Druid, Shaman, and other Paladin remain joyless. My wife’s Orc, the Shaman Princess, has yet to get one. She’s been trying, faithfully, for what must be over a year now. (Indeed, since 11 Apr 2009.) She’s promised to give up when Cataclysm hits. (Her Druid actually got one. Like a Druid needs a flying mount, right?)

For the Headless Horseman fest. I’ve got seven level 80s, and for the last week of the holiday they’ve been running the Headless Horseman daily every day. Some have been running it from day 1. So you can imagine the mountain of masks I’ve collected. The sinister squashlings in quantities enough to supply the Pilgrim Festival with plenty of off-tasting pumpkin pies. Hallowed helms to the point where their acquisition felt hollow.

I got one single set of reins. One. Happily, yet sadly, for my Paladin who acquired the level 80 helm last year. I am glad my plate wearer, with the helm, got the armored flying horse. (What’s cool is once landed in a fly-free zone it’ll automatically become a land-mount, and once ridden into a flight zone, like Krasus Landing, you can launch like a Minuteman Missile.)

I got one single horseman’s blade. For my Orc Arms Warrior.

I saw ZERO helms drop. I got none, despite seven 80′s getting loot bags (though only 4 could have worn them). I didn’t see any drop for the other party members either. Those that could be bothered to remain a single second after the horseman died and loot there, and not at home. Was it even a drop this year??

The random number generator loves me and hates me, but hates me more. Curse you RNG.

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Red Shirt, white Name Card

The Red Shirt guy at BlizzCon who called the developers on some lore.  He’s gotten some small amount of attention lately.  My wife tells me he appeared on The Soup.  He’s the topic of a WoWInsider article.  He’s featured in-game now, with Falstad at his side, as the Wildhammer Fact Checker.

I didn’t mind him too much.  Afrasiabi was a little too confident it seemed.

What I absolutely hated, though, and wished a sack of potatoes had dropped out of the rafters on him, was the guy holding up the white Gilneas card in the WoW Q&A session.  Every time the camera was on the question asker, up went this jackwagon’s hand with that damn white card.  Change Gilneas with Asshat and you’d be dead on.  Part of me wished that one of the question askers had walked over and ripped it from his smug hands. Or one of the Blizzard staff had just planted themselves in front of him.

I’m cool with Red Shirt guy and the attention he’s getting.  I wish “LOOK AT ME I’M FROM GILNEAS” got some of his own. LOOK AT ME! LOOOOOOK AT ME. LOOK AT ME. LOOK AT ME. LOOK AT ME. LOOK AT ME. LOOK AT ME.

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Class Q&A at BlizzCon

Some amusing questions and answers.

One guys leads with “I’ve got 390 days played on my warrior, and I’ve got lots of achievements and I don’t want to waste my time rolling another character….” Say what?  390 days played in 6 years?  If my math doesn’t suck that’s four and a quarter hours a day every single day for those six years.  That’s an achievement alright.  He didn’t get much sympathy from the developers on the panel.  Ghostcrawler told him it was easy to level up, easier still with the heirlooms an advanced character could get.  You can have as many 80s as you need.

He’s absolutely right.  I’m not an advanced player by any stretch, but I’ve got 7 level 80 characters and my stash of heirlooms includes chest & shoulder chain for a hunter (yet to be created, so they’re still in their original packaging), chest & shoulder leather my yet-to-hit-80 Rogue is wearing, chest & shoulder plate, plus the pvp shoulder plate my Belf Paladin wore, my Death Knight wore, and now my Draenei Warrior wears, 1-hand dps mace, 1-hand dps sword, 1-h dps dagger, 2 each bloodied arcanite reapers, 1 dignified headmasters charge, and chest & shoulder cloth my goblin warlock and worgen mage will be sharing, along with the two discerning eyes of the beast trinkets.  (Other than the cloth and the headmaster’s charge, the rest of the heirlooms I’ll ship off to our alternate server for the use of the alts of my alts, that is unless they raise the number of characters per server to something more than 10.  (Blizzard: Please!).)  My Paladin acquired 2 full sets of gladiator gear, deadly & furious.  My warrior acquired the full deadly set, and part of the furious set.  My hunter and druid both acquired a mix of deadly and furious.  My death knight acquired a full set of T9 (except the helm, springing for the one-off higher ilevel version).  That’s what I’ve done, along with a lot of craft leveling, and in less than 390 days played.

390 days played on one character is a level of devotion to something I’m unfamiliar with.  (I also haven’t killed Arthas, so there’s that to consider, that my time spent is a bit more diluted that had I just focused on a single character.)

Anyway, it was funny how technical some of the questions got.  My lovely wife’s eyes glazed over, but she did get surprisingly far into the session bless her heart.

Anyway, and so c’mon, there’s resentment by some that you have to take a PVP talent in order to hit your 31 points?  Are you so focused on min-maxed greatness that forced less-than-best-in-slot talents are worth wasting a question at BlizzCon about?

Then there’s the snarky guy who really appreciated the new Druid Tree of Life form.  Really?  I think it looks like a block of wood now.  And the audience was booing, but I think they were booing the question asker for being snarky.  His original question was why weren’t racials identically equal in strength of effect. The panel otherwise responded that racials are there for flavor, they aren’t meant to be equal.  Some will be better than others.  Some races have hooves and horns, while others have bird feet with giant digits.  You pick your race, deal with it.

In plus news Combat Rogue DPS *is* too low and will be getting tweaked.  Negative news, Rogues currently MUST carry a dagger in their off-hand to ensure they aren’t nerfing their damage.

Paladins were a popular point of discussion.

Which reminded me of something I saw once on the Paladinsucks blog (retired June 2007).  It was a video for a WoW Designers Meeting, apparently at an off-site in the Sahara.  With subtitles for those who don’t speak machine language.

I wonder if Paladin players still believe this.

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Virtually there

Geek is…

If you get the reference you too are one.

So, virtually at BlizzCon, it was funny, as Metzen mentioned Star Wars and seemed to get a little choked up thinking how parents are getting to take their kids to see it and how that might affect the imagination of those kids, the camera panned out over the audience and I was thinking “Hey, those *are* the kids whose parents saw the original Star Wars!”  I did enjoy his “Geek is…” presentation.  And a couple of references I didn’t get, but I think they involved “Street Fighter” or something.  And I don’t think he referred to the “All your base are belong to us” meme, which I think is fairly inline with geeky references.

Day 1 also included the Dungeons and Raids panel.  (I’m typing this up watching the Q&A to the right of this window, and it’s On-Demand for me now, so virtuality trumps reality.)  I like how their maps are going to be more like Atlas Map/Atlas Loot with the addition of adding notes about boss abilities as well.

Today they’ll be talking about class and lore and the artwork so the wife and I are looking forward to watching those as well.  (27″ iMac is great for this, given it’s delivered to my machine in Hi-Def.)

There was one raid shown Throne of the Four Winds, with 2-3 bosses, that appears to be up in the clouds, and you go boss to boss during the fights by jumping off and being carried to the next by winds, and, wowza, the graphics for that, place and bosses, is stunning.  I’m going to have to raid just to see the incredible sights there will be to see.  (Unless there’s a dungeon version of the same place featuring the same graphics.)

(And note the new header, Honorus got lucky.  Last year he got the helm, this year the horse.  I think a land mount that looks like a land mount, but can also fly, will be very cool getting about place to place in the future Azeroth.)

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Tidal waves

Blizzard does some great cinematic videos.

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