First week (or so) with the new expansion

The water is cool.  The underwater is very scenic.  The solutions to movement underwater very nicely done.  (We live in a magical world, after all.)

So far my Hunter has gone solo and gotten to the heady heights of level 81.  My other 80’s are waiting for the wife and I to play through the Goblin and Worgen starting areas.  (Which also means they’re, for the first time in a long time, earning rested xp.)

(And we got stuck for a bit waiting for USPS to deliver her Collector’s Edition.  It’s yet to arrive.  Gamestop to the rescue yesterday for the win!!!1!)

But I’ve had a look around.  Farmed some ore.  Gathered some leather.  Spent some money in the AH on the awesome greens.

The Worgen and Goblin beginning areas are completely different.  So different they may as well be different games.

The Worgen reminds me of being in Grimmenhagen, Nordland, in Warhammer, and in a good way.


The Goblin area has me feeling like I’ve gotten mixed up in a cross between Jersey Shore and a Japanese game show, and in a good way.


I think we’ve got a year to explore what’s been given us here, raids being introduced (and killed off) weekly notwithstanding, and then there’s the suggestion (85… the in-game mail…) we’ll have an interesting YEAR, and we’ll have the next thing.  (Emerald Dream for 86-90 and then fighting the Burning Legion for the grand 90-100 finale.  Anyway, that’s my prediction.)

But, and not to suggest anything otherwise, this has been very good, very fun, all of it, and I’ve merely torn the shrink wrap off the box in what I’ve gotten done so far and with what all there is to see yet.

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Dream on, Thrall. Dream on.

Pretty human girl by his side that’s not all conflicted with her bad boy male friends? Check.

Flying colors while flying?  Check.

Knife fight with Deathwing going down?  You can double check that factoid.

Oh, yeah, Martek’s got it going on.

Thrall, you can dream on.  Dream on.

(And anyone else catch, out of four admirers, one of these four ain’t like the others?)

(And I’m loving all the new quest devices Blizzard has introduced.  And we’re nowhere near “end-game raiding.”  Nice.)

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Giving it away?

Usually these expansions come in 2 year cycles.  We’re base game + 2 expansions and six years.  World of Warcraft, Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King.

The 6th anniversary message from Blizzard to the characters, found in the mailboxes this week, promises it will be an interesting year.  “Year.”  Not “Couple of years.”

And we are only getting half an increase, 5 levels rather than ten.

So, that tells me the next expansion will be this next year, when we go from 85 to 90 in the Emerald Dream.  (Though apparently maybe Stormrage resolved all that Emerald Dream business in a novel taking place between Arthas and the Shattering without our knowledge, at least those who haven’t read it.) So who knows what will be coming at us.

Which then ultimately leaves players going from level 90 to 100 fighting the Burning Legion across the universe.  In two years time.

Just me speculating.

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WoW 2.0

It’s amazing the changes wrought.  From the towns to the surroundings to the mounts.

Imagine my surprise when I realized my less played Draenei Paladin now has an Elekk as his Paladin mount to ride.  One which is much, MUCH, better looking that a common Elekk.  (And certainly more appropriate than sticking him on a horse.)

I’ve briefly peeked in on some of the beginning areas and the wife and I have rode to some older places we knew very well that are forever changed.  Darkshore to name one place. Azshara to name another.

Wow.  This is one heckuva change.

4.0.3a *is* the next World of Warcraft game.  (The changes feel far greater, and appear everywhere, than previous expansions have brought.)

Msaker in his old armor in the new Orgrimmar.

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Armistice Day

Also known as Veteran’s Day in the U.S. and Remembrance Day in the U.K. and commemorating the armistice signed between the Allies of World War I and Germany at Compiègne, France, for the cessation of hostilities on the Western Front, which took effect at eleven o’clock in the morning—the “eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month” of 1918.

Remember the fallen who have served.

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Curse you, RNG

My first Oracles egg netted my Orc Warrior a green proto-drake. I’m not sure which egg thereafter netted my Human Paladin one. So far my Hunter, Druid, Shaman, and other Paladin remain joyless. My wife’s Orc, the Shaman Princess, has yet to get one. She’s been trying, faithfully, for what must be over a year now. (Indeed, since 11 Apr 2009.) She’s promised to give up when Cataclysm hits. (Her Druid actually got one. Like a Druid needs a flying mount, right?)

For the Headless Horseman fest. I’ve got seven level 80s, and for the last week of the holiday they’ve been running the Headless Horseman daily every day. Some have been running it from day 1. So you can imagine the mountain of masks I’ve collected. The sinister squashlings in quantities enough to supply the Pilgrim Festival with plenty of off-tasting pumpkin pies. Hallowed helms to the point where their acquisition felt hollow.

I got one single set of reins. One. Happily, yet sadly, for my Paladin who acquired the level 80 helm last year. I am glad my plate wearer, with the helm, got the armored flying horse. (What’s cool is once landed in a fly-free zone it’ll automatically become a land-mount, and once ridden into a flight zone, like Krasus Landing, you can launch like a Minuteman Missile.)

I got one single horseman’s blade. For my Orc Arms Warrior.

I saw ZERO helms drop. I got none, despite seven 80’s getting loot bags (though only 4 could have worn them). I didn’t see any drop for the other party members either. Those that could be bothered to remain a single second after the horseman died and loot there, and not at home. Was it even a drop this year??

The random number generator loves me and hates me, but hates me more. Curse you RNG.

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Red Shirt, white Name Card

The Red Shirt guy at BlizzCon who called the developers on some lore.  He’s gotten some small amount of attention lately.  My wife tells me he appeared on The Soup.  He’s the topic of a WoWInsider article.  He’s featured in-game now, with Falstad at his side, as the Wildhammer Fact Checker.

I didn’t mind him too much.  Afrasiabi was a little too confident it seemed.

What I absolutely hated, though, and wished a sack of potatoes had dropped out of the rafters on him, was the guy holding up the white Gilneas card in the WoW Q&A session.  Every time the camera was on the question asker, up went this jackwagon’s hand with that damn white card.  Change Gilneas with Asshat and you’d be dead on.  Part of me wished that one of the question askers had walked over and ripped it from his smug hands. Or one of the Blizzard staff had just planted themselves in front of him.

I’m cool with Red Shirt guy and the attention he’s getting.  I wish “LOOK AT ME I’M FROM GILNEAS” got some of his own. LOOK AT ME! LOOOOOOK AT ME. LOOK AT ME. LOOK AT ME. LOOK AT ME. LOOK AT ME. LOOK AT ME.

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