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Covering All Bases

So many games, so little time. We play Wildstar for the sci-fi scenario and the popping graphics.  (The wife thinks World of Warcraft’s are crisper?)  I’m not so sure about that.  The green vegetation is awesome.  And the game mechanics … Continue reading

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Just when I thought I was out…

they, Blizzard, pull me back in. Well, us actually.  The annual deal gets us 1) into the beta for the new expansion, and 2) Diablo III.  The wife was always going to get Diablo III.  There’s this cool looking flying … Continue reading

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Ages past there was a tribe of Elves who called themselves “Children of the Stars” in their native tongue.  Their feral traits, dusky skins, and dark hair gained them the name “Night Elves.”  The Night Elf young would start their lives and early careers … Continue reading

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Virtually there

Geek is… If you get the reference you too are one. So, virtually at BlizzCon, it was funny, as Metzen mentioned Star Wars and seemed to get a little choked up thinking how parents are getting to take their kids … Continue reading

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I’ve done nothing wrong.  Trust me, I know what not to do. I don’t share my password with anybody.  I can spot phishing attacks a mile away. “” is a dead giveaway that this is a phishing site. And yet … Continue reading

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Teach a toon to fish

Give a toon a fish, and he’ll sell it as vendor trash. Teach a toon to fish, well that’s a different story. Both World of Warcraft and Lord of the Rings Online offer fishing. Mechanically, the operation is fairly similar … Continue reading

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Trolls. Flags. Gear. Raids. Future.

I was left with the strong feeling, this morning when I woke, that last night I was dreaming that Trolls were ganking folks at the Troll bridge and folks should be careful.  Of course that’s an amalgamation of the two MMORPGs I … Continue reading

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