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The new looks in WoW.

I have given most of my characters an updated look courtesy of the barber shops.

Arcarius was given a white Mr. T mohawk.  Msaker kept his pony tail, but it’s white now, and shaved his beard and is left with gray stubble.  Honorus, the old soldier, has taken a decidedly more “wild” look, just like the King’s in Stormwind City.  (This is how he looked with the “Soldier” haircut.)  Makes him look like some Zen Master or something.  I like it.  And Stormsoul got his horns bleached.  Anyway, the reason for all the white hair is that these are my oldest characters, and I wanted them to to have matured some.


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2008 Silvermoon City, Azeroth

The end, my friends, is nigh.  Run, while you still can.

Until then, let the bears amuse you.

Even rain didn’t cancel the fun.

Every now and thing there’s things that make me chuckle.  Those gnomes were one, and then the follow-on Druid dance-off another.

P.S. Is every gnome getting a mohawk?

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While some level Inscription to 425, the servers won’t stay up for more than five minutes. RMT I don’t like.

As sure as the sun rose today I know there are people who’ve leveled Inscription to 425 already.  And they’re selling the good inscriptions in the Auction House as I speak.

And I’m not really sure how they did it.  I can’t really confirm it though.  The World Server keeps going down every five minutes, and when I log back on I’m back where I started.  I can’t set my talent trees, much less set my gear set, but, like I said, there’s folks this morning who’ve mastered Inscriptions in a night and are wondering “Is that all there was?”  I’d bet RMT on it.

That article over on Tobold’s, the RMT one above, is enlightening.  I’m pretty disappointed with Blizzard about it though.  It’s bad enough folks bought gold for cash in order to achieve world firsts.  No stopping that I guess.  Right?  Buy enough flasks, max every raid members leatherworking, and be winners!  But people are weak, aren’t they though?, and all the money in their bank account, their real life bank account, won’t be enough to dump into the black hole of an addiction.  Just one more version of the angel wings (because certainly there will be an achievement for it!) and ten more mounts, today dammit, right now!, because there’s more and more and more to have and more.  I kind of like the sandbox approach.  You all come in the same, paying your entry fee, and what you make in the sand is on you.  Build castles, smash those of other people, make cars and monsters.  It’s all what you can do on the same level playing field as anyone else.  Once Blizzard lets you buy titles, gear, appearances, it’s downhill from there.  Consider that the TCG tabards are $90 each.  You’ve seen a few of those around.  11 million players at $14 a month, and they need to do this?  I don’t think so.  Restore the time of innocence, where spending real money for in-game advantage/prestige, was a banneable offense and not a business case for making more money.

Well, what started as a gripe about the world server stability this morning wound up being a rant about RMT.  Sorry.

Anywho, back to trying to log on.  The wife’s managed to stay logged on for a good bit now.  At least my vacation time server isn’t down.

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Going on way more than three years. The slowest leveler in the world.

I was testing out some new WordPress designs for the website. I think I still like this one the best.

Anyway, one of the other designs included an obvious archives list and I jumped back in time to December 2005.  That’s going on three years almost.  Three damn years.  That’s a lot.

And where was I back then?  Was I some noob, wondering where the auction house was?  Wondering where Crossroads was and why everyone was there?

No way.  I was raiding Zul’Gurub.  We were in the first days of raiding Molten Core.  I’d been 60 for a while already by December of 2005.  I’d easily go so far to say as I was probably level 60 three years ago today.

Are you grasping my point?

Here it is: I spent three years between levels 60 and 70.  THREE YEARS to level up ten levels.

Could it be that Blizzard is releasing expansions too slowly?

Because I am not a fast leveler, not by a long shot.  You folks are reading the blog of someone who, get this for craziness, did not buy a second account just to take advantage of speed leveling and a Zhevra mount.  Can you imagine?  I didn’t do it.

But to spend a solid three years and to have as the only change an increase in 10 levels?

Granted, in the same three years I leveled Msaker (then known as Oddity) from level 32 to 70 as well.

And Greenclaw and Itarilde, they weren’t even born yet.  And they’re 70 and 68 respectively today.

Can you tell it’s been a long three years?

And you know what?  I’m loving Warhammer Online.  Yeah, it’s new.  It’s got great graphics.  I’m enjoying how the classes are playing.  But I ain’t leaving World of Warcraft.  Because that 3 years at level 60+ has provided me countless hours of entertainment, and so many more hours are on the immediate horizon, and then there’s the NEXT expansion to await.  Will it be the Emerald Dream, and our Druids will have a homecoming with Cenarius?  Time will tell.  And we’ll be there.

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First, and latest, but not last, flight.

Do you remember.  Your first Night Elf character?  Coming down to Rut’Theran Village.  (Through that strange portal.  Did you jump through too?)  And finding the Night Elf Flightmaster, Vesprystus, in that cool looking feathered armor, standing in front of the most strange and beautiful looking creatures, the hippogryphs.

I mean, my word.  You’ve encounted tigers and boars and owls while in Darnassus.  But you’d never seen the likes of these.

And such wonderous creatures they were.  The iridescent colors.  The turquoise and that shocking orange, and that both so wonderfully coexited on the same strange creature.

And then to get to ride one.  To a distant far off shore, called, appropriately, Dark Shore.

Did you imagine to yourself, that first ride, wouldn’t it be so cool to fly one under your own control?

But, alas, it was only land mounts at the time.  The Outlands not even imagined in the average players mind at that point, so many years ago.  And when flight was offered in the Outlands, disappointingly it wound up being the boring old faction mounts, the Griffons and the Windriders.

And then, a while back, the Cenarian Expedition offered that dream come true offer.

Your own War Hippogryph.

It took a little work.  A lot even.  It wound up not being my Night Elf that got it.  And the wife lent me a lot of gold for it.

Through the help of my wife, and a great guild, and good friends, I’ve got a Hippogryph to call my own now.

Sweet.  Like a porsche, there is no subsitute for your dreams.

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You spin me right round.

All I know is that to me
You look like you’re lots of fun
Open up your lovin’ arms
Watch out, here I come

You spin me right round, baby
Right round like a record, baby
Right round, round, round
You spin me right round, baby
Right round like a record, baby
Right round, round, round

-Dead or Alive, 1985, 2 weeks at #1 – 23 weeks on chart

Really, that just kind of says it all about these guys, don’t it?


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My current UI

Here’s how I’m rolling, UI-wise, currently.

Highlights are Bartender 4, X-Perl Unit Frames, Recount, Omen + Simple Threat Meter, Grid & Healbot, SmartBuff & SmartDebuff, and SmartRes.  IceHUD and XLoot.  Buffalo2.  Fubar.  TipTac.

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Groovy wow word art

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Last Orc.

Last Orc, that is, to get a Netherwing Dragon Mount.  Onyxien of course.

It was a nice feeling to finally get the mount everyone else has.

And it was good money at the time, those Netherwing dailies.  But, oh, how unfriendly the quest chain was for soloists.  And the quest chain for Ogri’la’s dailies was unfriendly as well.  Quel’Danas has the easiest dailies for earning money.  (Pretty much at some point I expect Blizzard will simply be putting 250g in cash in your mailbox everyday.)


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