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Happy Thanksgiving


We’re off to Texas.  Enjoy the holiday.  Spare the turkeys.  Eat mammoth!

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Happy 4th, Blizzard!


Time to relax, maybe have a Coke, and enjoy it.

As a player from day One, or real darn close to it given my own birthday is just days away, I think this was my birthday present, and Kinless was level 17 on 15 Dec 04 according to WoW Realms Census, I’ve got to say it’s been a helluva ride.  And with all of Northrend before me, for Kinless (now Arcarius), Msaker, Stormsoul, Greenclaw, and the others with Northrend on the horizon, some closer, some further, it’s sure to continue to be fun.

Happy Birthday, Blizzard.  And many more, and I look forward to seeing them and being there.

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Mrgglggrggl. Too funny.


When we ran into this quest…  Hilarious.

I love how Blizzard’s letting players try out bits and pieces of things we’ve seen around.  This, of course, is the BlizzCon murloc suit.  Just a white flag rather than a Blizzard flag.  And the quest chain itself was pretty entertaining.

I am absolutely in no hurry to level.

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ZOMG I’m a WoW nerd. :)

Last night I was out at our local Game Stop picking up a Collector’s Edition and a regular edition of the expansion.  The TBC CE went to the wife so this time around she graciously let me have it.

There were like 80 or so people waiting for the midnight release.  It took an hour, but was amusing.  My general impression of the crowd: low 20′s, a lot of smokers (which surprised me), and WoW appeals to all types.  There was a granddad there with his granddaughter picking up a copy.  For her no doubt.  Cool.  Some kid had an Alienware laptop and loaded the game right then and there.  I think he got stuck at the patching.  Lol.

And hats off to the Evans, GA Game Stop folks.  They had issues with their credit card machines (apparently thousands of customers across the nation were buying with credit cards and that slowed the system tremendously).  They attempted to have a costume contest, nobody came in a costume, so they then did some other contest and split the prize between like six or seven folks.  They were friendly and I thought they handled it great.

So getting home, loading and patching both machines, and it didn’t take that long, probaby very few were doing the same so lots of bandwidth to grab the patches.  I then logged in with Stormsoul to do a few starter quests in the Borean Tundra.  I brought out my Frosty.  Two guildies logged on and brought our their own Frostys.  (Hard to hide with the achievements thing now. :) )  Cool beans.  I did the starter quests there in the Warsong Hold and logged out for the night.

This morning the wife and I created our Death Knights.  Definitely the opportunity to beat the mad rush.

I created a Blood Elf Death Knight in order to party with Halcyon.  She created a Human Death Knight to be the partner of Honorus.  I think Death Knight and Paladin duos would be pretty good together.  It turns out the entire starting sequence, through speaking with Thrall/Wrynn, you are alone with your faction.  Only after you complete the entire Death Knight introduction sequence does the other faction appear to you in Ebon Hold.

And that’s where Cenotaph, my guy, and Ombria, her gal, got to meet each other.  After doing basically the same quests basically side by side yet in our own universes.

Cenotaph & Ombria

Anyway, we’re going back in after lunch.

Enjoy the expansion!

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On the eve of the expansion and Blizz busts their game?

The game’s been down since 5 a.m. pacific standard time.  That’s right, I’m a Federal Employee and had the day off.  And Fall’s come so the lawn’s dead anyway.  Nothing to look forward to but Pally Power.

Now there’s a problem with the in-game mail system?  That’s the reason they’ve given why it’s not been brought back online after their 5-11 a.m. pst maintenance.

ETA on the servers being back up is 4:30 p.m. pst or so.

WTF?  On the eve of the expansion you guys do this?  What the heck was so important that you had to insert it into the game today and it broke the game via the mail system?

That means we’ll have 1 day to play, unless we’re back to work, /raise hand, before we all start installing the expansion and on start up then having to download gigabytes of the inevitable patch to it?  Afterall, they must have mastered the disks before they nerfed the Paladins, so that patch, at least, is going to be required.

On the positive side, Game Spot’s computer generated cheerleader invited me to their midnight opening tomorrow night.  Ten p.m. actualy and I’m encouraged to wear a costume.  Yeah, right.  I won’t show up and tell them I’m a rogue.  Damn, that won’t work.  Never mind.  I’ll just go quarter till.  And I’ll be out the door at around midnight with two copies of the game.  Then it’s installing them, then going to sleep while it patches.  And Thursday, a personal day off, it’s off to Northrend for the Mrs. and I.  /cheer.

Edit: 10:30 est, so 7:30 pst, and the news server is down, and though the game loading screen starts without a message saying they’re down, there are no servers to pick from, only some Developmental zone, which has no servers on it.  So, still down, and about 8 hours late now.  Disappointing.

Edit: They really did screw up something.  Check out this link at WoW Insider.  Heh.  “Nothing to see.  Just move along.  Your stuff is fine.  We’ve just mailed you what you had in the mail.”  Or, in their words, “All items in the mail system will be sent to characters in one or more mail messages.”  Uh, isn’t that what’s gone wrong in the first place??  I know I use the mail as off-line storage and my bank toon regularly has pages and pages worth of items.  Recently I cleared out like 3 pages of items that’d been mailed to her, only to discover another 3 pages worth of stuff.  Which reminds me, I sure hope I didn’t lose all those BoE epics and Executioner Inscriptions I mailed to myself.  I *HATE* when that happens.  (I kid, I kid.)


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Ret, my pet. You’re lookin’ good.

Holy ma-moly!

I’ve tried Retribution before.  But it ain’t ever felt this good.  In the same gear as now, same weapon, and it’s like “e-z mode” has been unlocked now.  The blinders have been lifted up off my eyes.

I’m in Andorhol and some fights I was two-, three-shotting mobs just a level below me.  And it’s just all unleashed all at once.

Retribution Aura.  Blessing of Might.  Seal of Command.   Judgement of Light.  A Crusader Strike or two.  Holy Wrath to stop the casters from casting.  Hammer of Justice to stop the stubborn.  Hammer of Wrath to serve the Coup de Grace.

I dinged there in Andorhol and then what didn’t feel like a whole lot later I was nearly 1/3 into level 57.

I ran that place like Fixx ran parks.  Maybe at 70 it’s all QQ now, but at 56-57 Ret feels awesome!


And, yes, for the sharp eyed, that is a demon slaying enchant on my sword.  The sword, my Demonslayer, already comes with +99 against demons.  Add the demon slaying enchant, and I can’t imagine how much stronger I’ll be when I go up against demons.

That is also the full Imperial set.  No +Int on it.  Mana wasn’t too much an issue.  I’d drink every 3-4 fights.

And that Flesh Golem guy there in Andorhol?  I’d always avoided him.  But he can take that silly dragon off his portrait now.  Don’t know what that’s doing there.


The fight was trivial.  (P.S. I see in this screenshot my Seal of Command was down.  Which meant I wasn’t doing Judgements, and not getting Replenishment.  Something I’ll have to keep a better eye on.  Lol.)

Ret?  Whoa.  Just whoa.

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Post Election Poll

I’m curious what you all think, being gamers that follow gamers in the blogosphere, following yesterdays election and what you’re thinking the future holds now.  All ten of you that read my blog.

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Two many things to play, too little time.

I’ve been pretty much splitting my time between World of Warcraft and Warhammer Online.

No ennui for me regarding Warhammer.  This ain’t a “I’m quitting WAR” post.  Heck, I’ll be the  first to admit I’ve barely scratched the surface.  I’ve got one level 12 character.  A few around 10 and 11.  I just started a(nother) Squig Herder last night. I’ve barely ventured into the Tier 2 content.  And I like the sound of both the Dark Elf’s Blackguard (who the developers say should be regarded as 14 year-old emo punks, all that and angry) and the Empire’s Knights of the Blazing Sun (who know better than you).  These are caricatures of the characters you love to hate, and if I’m feeling that about them and the classes, Mythic’s already sold them to me.  And the wife and I are enjoying the game, and playing together with our myriad of couples.

In World of Warcraft, we’re hardly “taking a break” before the expansion hits in just over a week.  Last night we encountered Mother Shahraz for the second time, and killed her for our first time.  Sweet.  Some folks in the guild are now wearing two pieces of Tier 6 gear.  We may not be blazing trails, but we’re on them.  And that’s great.  Because we all know this content is flushed into the sewer of obscurity once the new end-game is opened up.  To be in there, in Illidian’s little gardens of pleasure, is really pretty cool.

Anyway, that and work and the garden (planting next spring’s tulips today) are keeping me gainfully busy.

(And I’ve got one more continent’s worth of inns to trick-or-treat at and I’ll close out “Grabbing Candy Throughout the Known World” achievement.)

P.S. Trick or Treating wound up ending last night and I was a continent short.

P.P.S. I learned a bit more about Warhammer’s Witching Night.  These Restless Spirits are summonable in some way, it would seem.  And a Black Orc has a nice AoE effect.  Got myself 3 leather Gobba masks.

Gobba gobba hey!

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After a long drive, nothing quite hits the spot like brains.  Lots of brains!

Get infected and you become a zombie monster.  Allies, enemies, etc., you can attack them all.  And infect them with a lust for brains as well.

Lots of ways of being infected.  Be in the vicinity of a zombie that’s exploded.  Be infected by another player retching on you.  There are some suspicious boxes down in Booty Bay on the docks.  There are infected vermin throughout the cities.  Once you are infected, go to town.  Once you die, you’re cured except for the most likely pvp flagging you have to wait five minutes cooldown to lose.

Sometimes it’s good to be bad.

This really was a mindless, excuse the pun, bit of gameplay.  And a lot of fun to boot.


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Addon madness.

I was showing my wife screenshots from our Black Temple excursion.

She saw this screenshot and said “Can you even see the game?”

I said “I need the info.  Yes.”

Trust me, it’s fully useable.

This got me to thinking this morning, before we head out of town for a few days, and after reading about some recent thoughts on a Warhammer issue.

That is, in WoW every action I take goes from my Tauren’s fingers to the target.  Lightning, healing, shocks.  And when I cast a spell the bolt leaves my fingertips, travels the distance between, connects, and unloads it’s damage.  That’s the case, well, 95% of the time.  Quel’Danas and the Wretched are quirky sometimes with some warping happening.

In WAR, however, things are a lot more disconnected.  Playing a Bright Wizard, occasionally, I have the opportunity for some big time hits against mobs a little below my level.  Sometime I get a one-shot crit hit, and the creature’s dropped before I finish my moves.  Or it’s dropped and I still cast the follow-on gout of fire on it’s dead body, though at that point it’s no longer an eligible target, being dead and all.  There is a disconnectedness there in the combat that needs to be tightened up some.  (Hello, Mythic.  Are you taking notes from the blogosphere?)

Anyway, I’m out of here for a few days.  Take care.  Mind the Orcs/Elves.

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