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Queen of Orgrimmar

No, Thrall.  It is *you* that have failed to receive the memo.  After all, Lady Sylvanas got it.


Now, release the fish.  And it will be like we never were here.

(Apparently they’ve fixed the “phased fishing” in Orgrimmar.  Sigh.)


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Me of There. Tag Team hardly chivalric.

Hard to believe, but I’m not Exalted with any of my home cities on any of my characters.

In fact, I’m not Exalted with any city with anyone.  (Shattrath aside, but that doesn’t really count for this exercise.)

How does this happen?  Doing every quest you come across for the life of your character, and you reach level 80, and you’re nowhere near Exalted with your own home town even.

I’ve got a level 56 Rogue, Darkhand, who is running around Kharanos at the moment.  No, he is not doing the Noblegarden stuff.  He’s simply doing every noob quest he can find in order to get the Reputation.  Some quests gain reputation with all the Alliance, others just one particular faction.  He’s after a Gnomish Mechanostrider.  Being an Engineer, how could he not?  Next steps will be flying machines and then a chopper.  In another four years perhaps.

But, back to the original point.  How could I not be Exalted with any city on any of my 80′s?  It seems I must either 1) Turn in 1,000′s of stacks of Runecloth, and/or 2) Do every quest in every 1-20 area for every faction.  Any of those 3 options sounds outright stupid.  Some Blizzard Design Exec is thinking to himself: “The players, they absolutely love the fruitless grind?”

But it’s not fruitless.  Now that I have three Champions, each of them has to turn in commendation writs in order to become Exalted with their home cities.  And then claim their titles, Greenclaw of Darnassus, Stormsoul of Thunderbluff, and Msaker of Orgrimmar.

Msaker, actually, is after a riding raptor, and if he gets Exalted with the Darkspear turning in writs, he’ll be their Champion, and maybe he’ll be Msaker of Sen’Jin (and Thrall and Orgrimmar can go pound sand because they’re a touch too tough to please).  (See, with a riding raptor, he’ll have a “dinosaur” dragon for a flying mount, and a “dinosaur” raptor for his land mount, and he’s already green and rather brutish…  Style points.  Grind out the three factions to become “The Diplomat” and we’ve got a plate full of irony.)

Tag Teaming the Champion at the “Enemy at the Gates” daily (or the Champion version of it actually), is hardly chivalric.  But then do the scourge really deserve our chivalry?  We reserve that for folks like us.  Honor bound.  That’s the same principle behind Thrall and Jaina being friends and showing each other respect.  Thrall is the honorable brute, Varian Wrynn the hot-headed human who’ll see victory without worrying about the honor behind it.  (So the bad are good, and the good are bad, and you’ve got yourself a game that either side can claim a higher moral ground, allowing you to play either side in good conscience.)

Dang, jumped the tracks again!  (I was actually trying to remember which philosopher talked about “Noble Brutes.”  Was it Thoreau?)  Tag Teaming the Champion in the Enemy at the Gates, Champion version, of the daily, makes the encounter MUCH easier.  One person holds him, the other just reduces his shields and charges him.  If he changes targets, you change roles.  Easy peasy.


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A Tale of Two Eggs

Droonda and Msaker have gone into the animal husbandry business.  Into the egg hatching business in particular.

The Oracles give a nifty reward at Revered with them.  They’ll sell you eggs you can spend a week keeping warm and hatching.  You might get a rotten yolk, a pet, or a flying protodrake out of it.

So there we were, our first ever eggs about to hatch.

“Now remember it’s all random,” I tell the lovely Orc Shaman Princess Droonda.  “It might be the first egg, it might be the thousandth.”  We’re after the green protodrakes.  I thought they looked very Orcish, being green and armor plated and brutal and all.  And they don’t make that “swooshing” sound the Netherdrakes make.  I have a Netherdrake, and Droonda isn’t that many dailies away from getting her own.  But she chose not to.  “Too loud.”  And she liked her swift windrider.

But I thought the protodrakes looked cool, she agreed, and we set off getting into the good graces of the Oracles.  It was no more than a week after saving Jaloot from Artruis the Heartless, and doing the dailies every day, that we arrived at Revered with them.  And our first eggs were purchased.

On that sixth day we readied ourselves.  The lovely Droonda counted down as her egg hatched.  5-4-3-2-1.

You know how you want to undo Time sometimes?  Kind of take back stuff, maybe have the opportunity to swap some stuff around, and then return and get a different outcome?  That was me, that was my wish.

Her first egg produced an Aged Yolk.

My first reaction was thinking to myself “Ah.  It’s going to take some time after all.”  And to my wife, “It’s all random.”

And if I could have swapped stuff around, gotten some different outcomes, I would have.

Because I’ve got a Netherwing.  I didn’t need a protodrake.

My first egg produced the reins of the Green Proto-Drake.

But it’s random, and we’ll be back at it.  Six days from now our next eggs hatch and she’ll have hers.



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Will the last sane person please close the hatch?


Arrogant American Organization view of Canadians.

Alliance are the pure hearts, Horde are blood caked baby seal slaughterers, supposedly Canadians with accents from the American South.

Just all around insulting to everyone.

Gamers, activitists, Canadians, Southerners, fur wearers, you name it.

Can you freaks over at PETA just stay the heck out of our games?

You know where the real fur is sold.  Go protest there.

P.S. For those thinking of trying this, the name “NgridNewkirk” is already taken over on Whisperwind.  >:/

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It’s the end of the world as we know it.


So there we were. 

Cenotaph and Ombria, the wife’s and mine Deathknights, in the Bone Wastes, at Auchindoun, looking at a quest giver.

The only living beings we’d come across were a Forsaken and another Blood Elf Death Knight. 

There was a Gnome Mage out fighting spiders in the lost corner, but they don’t really count as full living beings, do they?

Anyway, we’d just collected some bone piles for some mad Draenei standing near the entrance to an instance, and there was the shimmering portal.  I forget which instance he actually stands in front of.  Shadow Labyrinth required a key, so that was out.  Maybe the Auchenai Crypts.

The point being is nobody new is going to see those places, and that’s sad.

All that effort gone into designing places, and they’re left behind, in the virtual dust bowl that the Outlands have become, serving only as a pass through location to get 10 levels while you cruise to the end-game back on the world of Azeroth in Northrend.


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Hello fellow Kirin Torites.

I’m not sure how you’d refer to an inhabitant of the Kirin Tor Server.

Kirin Tor-ites?  Kirin Tor-ins?

Not that I’d object to Kirin Taurens.  But, you’ve got to admit, there’d be no use of a Tauren in the staff of the Kirin Tor except as bodyguards.  Unless the Kirin Tor suddenly delved into the realm of Nature magic and embraced the Earth Mother.  They can do that after they drop the pink tabards.  Because, seriously, pink goes with nothing in my wardrobe.

The Barrens chatterers could be Kirin Tourettes.

Anyway, here’s a “Hello” to folks with me on Kirin Tor.


I can use the blog here since out of the handful that swing by to read occasionally there’s at least a few that happen to also be on Kirin Tor with me.

I work on the same installation as one player in fact.  You can imagine our “water cooler” conversation would probably amuse/confuse anyone listening in.

Another I’ve known for a long time, back before Doom even hit our servers for the first time.

Last night, J., a Rogue, saluted me while I was on Honorus at the Cenarian Outpost in Zangarmarsh.  I applied a Blessing of Might before I learned they were a reader of my blog here.  Even told me that my writings inspired not one, but two Shamans, to be created.


I imagine the best diaries are those written with an audience intended.  (Afterall, nothing screams “Read me, read me now!” like a diary left unlocked, labeled “Private, Keep Out!”, and left on purpose on a nightstand or desk.  Am I right?  ;) )

I do write here for reasons beyond me cataloging my play time.

Sometimes it’s fun to play with words.  The allure of alliteration.  Amusing musings, if only for myself.  (I know I’ve hit that niveau when the Mrs. states “Huh?” to a post of mine.)

Or, better, if someone rolls a class I enjoy, or tries an add-on I like, or offers their opinion on something I had an opinion on.

So, while the server is down for a rolling restart, let me take a moment to /salute you, my readers, for bearing with me and my blog.

And now, /sigh, it’s back to gathering herbs for my inscriptionist.

“Dear Diary,  Today I gathered 23 Golden Clovers. … Don’t tell anyone.”  :)


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Fifty clams.

So you’re a Druid.  And you’ve just picked up the Polearms skill.  But now what?  Auction House?  Not if you’re level 7o or so and have started questing in the Borean Tundra.

I’ve got a tip for you.  It’s called the Tidebreaker Trident.  And it’s yours for 50 clams.  That’d be Winterfin clams, of course.

And you get those all over the place up there.  Both above ground on the beach, inside the cave, and underwater.  It’s pretty much trivial to acquire it if you do the King Mrglgrgl quests with the Winterfin.

It used to be 100 clams.  Now it’s 50.  And it wasn’t always as nice as it is now.  This beats any quest reward I’ve seen in the three starting zones of Northrend.

With all the Attack Power and Agility I picked one up for my Hunter as well.  It finally replaced my TBC two-handed axe.

Yes, call me a noob.  But for fifty clams, it’s a steal.  And might be useful for more than a couple folks.

P.S. And it’s the same model as the beloved Nexusstrike of Molten Core.


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New Year, New Spec.

Not for me, but for the lovely Itarilde.


Time for something new.  I’ll be tanking, she’ll be casting.  Heals?  Who had them before?!  :)

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Happy New Years!

Happy New Year everyone.  Be safe and successful and happy.


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Merry Christmas everyone.

Christmas 2008


From us, to you, Merry Christmas.

Keep the Turkey achievement to a reasonable one or two.

And don’t worry about eating all your Graccu’s Mince Meat Fruitcake.  It’ll last.

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