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Armistice Day

Also known as Veteran’s Day in the U.S. and Remembrance Day in the U.K. and commemorating the armistice signed between the Allies of World War I and Germany at Compiègne, France, for the cessation of hostilities on the Western Front, which took effect at eleven o’clock in the morning—the “eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month” of 1918.

Remember the fallen who have served.

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Red Shirt, white Name Card

The Red Shirt guy at BlizzCon who called the developers on some lore.  He’s gotten some small amount of attention lately.  My wife tells me he appeared on The Soup.  He’s the topic of a WoWInsider article.  He’s featured in-game now, with Falstad at his side, as the Wildhammer Fact Checker.

I didn’t mind him too much.  Afrasiabi was a little too confident it seemed.

What I absolutely hated, though, and wished a sack of potatoes had dropped out of the rafters on him, was the guy holding up the white Gilneas card in the WoW Q&A session.  Every time the camera was on the question asker, up went this jackwagon’s hand with that damn white card.  Change Gilneas with Asshat and you’d be dead on.  Part of me wished that one of the question askers had walked over and ripped it from his smug hands. Or one of the Blizzard staff had just planted themselves in front of him.

I’m cool with Red Shirt guy and the attention he’s getting.  I wish “LOOK AT ME I’M FROM GILNEAS” got some of his own. LOOK AT ME! LOOOOOOK AT ME. LOOK AT ME. LOOK AT ME. LOOK AT ME. LOOK AT ME. LOOK AT ME.

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Tidal waves

Blizzard does some great cinematic videos.

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Gnomeregan Pride

I love the silly things they introduce every now and then.

Makes me wonder if there’s a Horde equivalent.

Update: There is a Horde equivalent.  And it apparently also rewards a cloak with either Gnomeregan or Darkspear emblem on it.  But you only get that at level 75+ it seems.

Update 2: And the Horde version is very Trolly, and the Gnome version just right for the Gnomes.  Well done.

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Life of a Vendor

I saw this over on  Life of a Vendor by Galenmereth.  Set to I don’t know by Lisa Hannigan.

I don’t think it got the coverage it deserved since it’s now back on page 4 or 5 now.  The music is excellent, and the video very memorable.

Here it is again, if anything for my own enjoyment.

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New Pet, $10.00. Psycho Tendency Assuaged, Priceless.

I saw this freakish little scene up by the tournament:

Druid in Tree Form, just standing there. (I was killing Cultists.) It was not. It was just standing there.

Seems they had gotten a new pet, the Lil K.T..

And they took it to the penguins to watch it kill them. Two of them where enjoying the scene when I took the screen shot.




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3.2 = 3.1415926

What the heck’s going on in Irvine?  Have you seen all the changes coming with the 3.2 Patch?

If you haven’t, if you’ve been living under a rock, say, or busy doing your dailies, fishing for Mr. Pinchy, whatever, go check out’s coverage.

Today we’re learning about substantial changes to Paladins.  (Seal of Blood no good anymore.  Not working as intended?  Too harsh?  Blood Elves came up with this masochism???)  Then you’ve got new pets.  A Winterspring type mount for the Horde (Ravasaurs).  Argent Tournament mounts, something new for Paladins (yay!) and other gear and goodies.  Like heirlooms?

I mean, do we get out our water skis from storage and hook up with Fonzie to go jump that shark?

shark jump

Or are we talking about stuff whose value is the ratio of any circle’s circumference to its diameter in Euclidean space? I.e. it’s all pi?

pi plate

I mean, who doesn’t like pie?

Why are they throwing this much at us, all at once? Before BlizzCon even? … Is there going to be “bad news” at BlizzCon?  (Did you notice:  “Blizz” Con.  NOT “World of Warcraft” Con.)  Is something going on that the average Joe is unaware of?  Because we’re too busy, and happy, eating pie?

I’m wondering if this is going to be tasting a little like Andrew Zimmern’s saurkraut pie that he got up in Minnesota.


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You’ve come a long way, Baby. Again.

effilda made it

The wife finally beat me to Dalaran.  Mages get in at 71!   Nerf Mages.

Honorus is sleeping on a cot down below in Star’s Rest.


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Expand the previous expansion.

Blizzard can blow open some bottlenecks in their old content.

The wife and I are leveling through the Outlands now.  We’ll be leaving as soon as we both hit level 68.

I plotted out a course for our two couples.  Honorus and Effilda turned north and reached level 68 in Netherstorm.

Cenotaph and Ombria turned south and hope to reach level 68 in Shadowmoon Valley.

But, for both locations, ALL quests begin at level 67.  We’ll be there for 1 level and then blow those pop stands.

Blizzard could “open up” their previous expansion with one easy, easy change:

Lower the “level requirement” for all Outlands quests by 2 levels.

That would recognize players starting at 58 and leaving at 68.

I’d prefer to see more of Shadowmoon Valley, rather than spin wheels in ridiculously easy Terrokar Forest and the Bonewastes.  So start the quests 2 levels sooner at Level 65.  We’ll survive.  If we don’t, we can backtrack some.  Our choice.

It is recognized that certain things were created with the point of keeping max level characters occupied.  In previous max level areas that ship’s long sailed.

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