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WotLK Hairstyles. #1 to be the Mohawk.

Has anyone else considered that the Mohawk will be introduced in the expansion as a new hairstyle choice?  We’re getting to change our hairstyles, they’ve told us that.  Will one of them be this?

I’ve been seeing that Mr. T ad on Comedy Central a lot.  And that mohawk he’s wearing looks pretty good.   Like it’s been designed.  (That darn condescending director assuming Mr. T ain’t handy with a computer.)  And why use a pirate server with custom graphics when you’re Blizzard and you’re making the ad?

I’ve got 4 Night Elves.  3 have the same hairstyle, 2 in blue, 1 in green (all three starting on different servers).  One of them is going to have a mohawk someday.  :)

Can you imagine guilds going to all the same hairstyle?  Going to be like The Warriors or Gangs of New York in that guilds can at last adapt a common “look.”


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Will WoW end?

Call me a fanboi. Other’s have. I’m still liking World of Warcraft.

Oh, I’ve seen the other games. I played a little of Lord of the Ring Online in the Beta. Just a little. The colors were too drab. And the folks reminded me of EQII.

I tried EQII as well. I played a Fey. I really liked the landscapes, the view from the beach looking at a sunset was incredible. The Fey models weren’t bad at all. But this Fey went into the bank there in the beginning area, and there sat this huge Human Mage or something. He was kneeling, or something. “What the heck was Michael Jackson doing here? Run, everyone, run! Neverland has been captured and is ruled by a new King. Queen. Or something. ” Man, that was creepy. Creepier yet was the Troll Lump that was selling stuff. At least it was a lump of shiny plastic. Maybe it was a Dwarf. That uncanny valley had reached the deepest of depths.

I’m downloading Tabula Rasa Beta now. I’m thinking I won’t find what I’d like to see. More that engages me like Warcraft.

If there is a WoW2, sign me up. If there is a World of Starcraft, ditto.

Till then, Orcs can always dream.


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Everything old made new again.

My little polls showing, so far, most folks that visit here and respond to polls, wished there was more 20-60 content. And more land to explore. And then some new classes, and interestingly *not* new races, to round out what my readers want.

(The top two were my two votes too.)

New lands. It’s so hard to believe Blizzard will drop a new (Northrend) 1/3 of the land area of old Azeroth onto the world and make it 68-80 zones.

If any of you read about the greater Azeroth, there’s lands still out there we can’t visit, but do exist in the lore. Undermine and all the islands of the southern seas. Kul Tiras, Crestfall, the Maelstrom, Gilneas. There’s lots of places to be added yet. And not all of them need to be level 90-100.

And why not change some of the old quests. Mix it up some. Take those old 20-60 quests, all those silly gathering and run here and there quests, and change them a bit. Make them new. And give the quest givers some new stuff to offer to do for them.

How about a whole “Prepare for Northrend” theme where folks level 20-70 get Azerothian quests that point towards Northrend and our interaction with it.

Well, work calls (and Blogspot is blocked at work) so that’s it for now.

In other news before I go, Zug zug.

Msaker’s been active, tanking Shattered Halls for the first time he’d ever been there, and only 3 deaths. Two on the boss who can’t be taunted. He picked up the razor’s edge helm, the style originally on the Tier 2 that Onyxia dropped. Finally a helm I don’t mind showing the graphics on again. Lok’tar.

Blackhoof’s been healing in the battlegrounds. I guess to build up honor for the day the Arena sets go on sale to the general public. Since I’m not an AFK cave camper the amount of honor I can earn a day isn’t really that high. (AFKers earn 10-20 thousand honor a day. What’s your honor income?)


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Druids are not broken. The lonely Hunter. The world is broken. Pretty cool.


Last night we brought the Druids out to play. Sending some money out of the “Epic Mount for Arcarius the Old Fashioned Way: We Earn It” fund, Itarilda respecs and goes Feral. She’ll be the Tank and Greenclaw will be the DPS. (Being a Bear is easier, she says. And she did me proud, charging into most every fray with zeal.) One little incident aside, Col. Kurzen got himself taken down, got himself taken downtown, express bus, no stops.

“Hey, man, you don’t talk to the Colonel. You listen to him. The man’s enlarged
my mind. He’s a poet-warrior in the classic sense. I mean sometimes he’ll…
uh… well, you’ll say ‘hello’ to him, right? And he’ll just walk right by you.
He won’t even notice you. And suddenly he’ll grab you, and he’ll throw you in a
corner, and he’ll say, ‘do you know that “if” is the middle word in life? If you
can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
if you can trust yourself when all men doubt you’… I mean I’m no, I can’t…
I’m a little man, I’m a little man, he’s… he’s a great man. I should have been
a pair of ragged claws scuttling across floors of silent seas…” (from
Apocalypse Now)

Yeah, yeah. Hubris. Downfall.

So the Druids did pretty good last night. Arcarius is a little poorer, but what the hey.


Speaking of Arcarius… Many moons ago Arcarius once travelled down into the Swamp of Sorrows. He was after elusive prey, the Swamp Jaguar, with it’s rumored high rate of attack speed. The swamp jaguar tamed, the pair took to further adventures.

When at last the 40th season came, Arcarius returned to Darnassus and selected his mount. He took the white spotted saber. It fairly matched the jaguar and that made it cool. It was quite a nice sight. To ride across the land, faithful pet at one’s side.

But those days are gone. Hunters must choose. To ride on their mount, or be accompanied by their pet. Why? Huntards with flying mounts. Too lazy to dismiss pets, annoyed that the land based pets would run after them, anywhere. Why couldn’t Blizzard simply auto-dismiss pets upon mounting a FLYING mount. Leave us old-timers alone. Let us have our pets back. Give us our pets back. Our partners in crime. Our friends. Let them run alongside us as they’ve done for 30 levels of our lives now. Mounted Hunters have become loney.


Anyone else notice glitches in the world? The distance flashes with blocks of terrain flickering. (Changing visual effects doesn’t change that.) The bats in EPL have green in their wings and look wierd. The Elder Mistvale Apes, one of them was hopping about like a Gnome Mage, about 2 meters in the air. We fought it while it was in the air. The Reaver of Hellfire Penninsula has developed a new hobby. Ice skating. The world rumbles, as if with every stride, but he’s ice skating. My wife’s interface, which is pretty clean of add-ons, no unit frame add-ons, her target isn’t always showing, or it’ll not update. I noticed that with X-Perl too, figured it was an add-on problem. But since she had it too, I suspect it’s the game. Not my add-ons.

I basically unloaded all my add-ons. Then I reloaded the ones I can’t live without. (Cartographer, MetaHud, Healbot, X-Perl, KTHM, Damage Meter, simpleminimap, etc. etc.) and found I’d left like half in the old folder. Hmm, might not have needed them after all.

ALL of my add-ons pretty much worked post patch, after updating them via UI Central and WoW Ace Updater. (Keeping Ace mods up-to-date is super easy with WoWAceUpdater. And their collection of add-ons, extensive, get updated nearly daily it seems.)


Arcarius did some more Zangarmarsh quests last night. I’m seriously trying to clear out the quest log so I can take more in Nagrand.

Anyway there was a quest to go return to the Broken in Feralfen and talk to them, ask them to come to our side.

The quest involves turning myself into one of their bird spirits. It turned me into a Arakkoa.

Now I had five minutes to play with this.

Naturally, the first thing everyone does turning into another race: /dance!

Interesting. The Arakkoa have their own dance.

Then I waved. It looked like a creepy granny wave. Palm open facing out, and the fingers closing in a wave.

Then I saluted. Kind of like a two finger boy scout salute.

You know what they say. SPECULATION RUMOR MILL: If they program a race to have all these emotes, they could make them a playable race. WoW Wiki says they have “sage” and “warrior” classes, and they’re pretty smart. And they have owl companions. Mage, Priest, Warlock, Warrior, Hunter, Rogue.

Naga for the Horde, and the opening of the Maelstrom, and Arakkoa for the Alliance, with further outlying Outlands found.


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